“Old” Rewards are Back at Disney Movie Insiders Club!

Disney Movie Insiders Promo ImageBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The Disney Movie Insider Club is back in correct form! No guesses are needed to figure out why certain items were no longer offered. on eBay, some of these goods were being auctioned off for money–especially with anything concerning Star Wars. In what they previously offered, not everyone was all that excited for gift certificates, and with the pandemic happening, they can’t be redeemed.

The updated version of this rewards program looks good. New items are added every Wednesday to encourage regular visits, and I’m certainly going to be keeping my eye out on Marvel and PIXAR related products. Also, putting limitations on how many orders of the same item can be picked up per member is finally implemented.

New rewards include Mulan merchandise! I’d be tempted to grab the FUNKO Pop and poster, but the movie was not perfect. I have more of an affinity with the animated version. Hopefully, by the end of the year, we should see swag for Marvel’s Black Widow, and PIXAR’s Onward and Soul. Plus, those collectors wanting to pair up the last two Avengers together, we should see posters for End Game to make anyone’s Marvel Cinematic Universe man cave complete.

IMAX Opens Their Digital Poster Art Archives!

IMAX_technologyBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The IMAX company leapt to a whole new level of movie art appreciation this week. While I was checking into what’s being offered for exclusive art for upcoming films, this company opened their digital image archive. Every film which had a special poster offered since this program’s inception as a 12:01 special midnight screening to Fanfix to theatre chain exclusives is available and I’m very happy with this move. The trio of Captain America: Civil War and 10 Cloverfield Lane images (distributed by AMC Theatres) are suspiciously missing, but in what’s new, Suicide Squad (seen below) is looking very delicious!


Now, poster art aficionados can view and download (for their own personal use) each print that was once available. There’s still nothing like owning an original, but for those folks who just want to admire the image instead of seeking one out, this alternative is great! The best part of this digital offering is in the fact anyone can have instant wallpapers to use as a backdrop on their computer screens (for those horizontally made pictures at least).

Alternatively, most of these images can be printed onto 8½ x 11 or smaller sized paper to display on a wall. I looked at the names of some of the files, and some are pretty easy to identify as good to print or not. Any file with a “_LO” are of a lower quality, not really advisable to print, but are good to view on a screen. This company is not providing to allow folks to reprint them onto poster-sized (28×40″) paper. Instead, fair use allows for postcard size images for personal use only.

What do the Three Prints Mean in AMC Theatre’s Captain America: Civil War?

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

AMC Theatres loves giving away collectible posters to reward fans who love seeing their favourite movies multiple times. This American-side chain is offering a set of three posters showing the three groups who will soon be fighting it out in Captain America: Civil War. While this tactic seems to leave other theatre chains in the dust, hopefully these other movie houses will have their own promotional campaigns to reward (comic book) film aficionados.

Matt Ferguson is providing the artwork for this set. Marvel Entertainment aficionados may recognize his style, as he’s provided the layout and design of the home video release box sets of this company’s films. They can be found in the packaging of both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 disc sleeves. His artwork on these multi-disc sets is certainly marvelous. To have one creative mind behind most of this company’s movie line-up is encouraging. On his Twitter page, he reveals how these prints must be arranged. 

In the artwork, one print shows Captain America, Winter Soldier and Scarlet Witch together. Another reveals Iron Man, War Machine and Black Panther. The third piece shows Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Vision. The colours suggest each side’s allegience. Blue is the Captain’s signature colour, red is to symbolize Iron Man’s red suit and the grey represents neither. However, could the arrangement also imply neutrality? Hard to say until the film releases May 4th. To optain these prints, attendees must attend the screenings on May 8, May 15 and May 22.

Putting the Divergent series IMAX promotions together; It Doesn’t Quite Gel.

With the Divergent series coming to an end soon (there’s one more film set for next year) and all three IMAX exclusive posters available, the artists behind the promotion had an idea going, but sadly not all concepts come together perfectly. Presented for image collectors is all three posters since the inception of this program. The first two prints for Divergent and Insurgent at least had a similar colour scheme. The third one is tonally different, and who knows what the fourth will look like.

From this promotional program’s 12:01 days to FanFix, sadly not all prints are created alike. The second image for the Insurgent film was printed on lighter paper, when compared to the first. The third, no announcement has been officially made as to which theatres will be participating in this promotion. As news become available, Otakunoculture will update if at all possible.

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IMAX Reveals Gods of Egypt and Divergent Prints


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

IMAX continues their love to reward fans going to their broad box format films with both a release of two 13.5 x 19″ posters for the upcoming movies, Gods of Egypt and the finale to the Divergent series, Allegiant, on opening night. Of the two, both are nicely created pieces of art.

No credit is offered on the official site mentioning who crafted these two images, and of the two, the former hails to a classic Raiders of the Lost Ark style of print with a dose of Mummy Returns mixed in. The latter screams of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, albeit using more of an optical illusion to create the sensation more so than being James Bond-like. The latter release is perfect for those Divergent collectors wondering if a final poster will be offered. With this movie guaranteed a box screen release, its availability will be far and wide.


Sadly, with some cities having a limited number of IMAX screens, the Gods of Egypt print will not be available everywhere.

Perhaps the studios decided to produce this print last-minute to draw in viewers on opening night, Feb 26th. Although projections for this movie is not good, that will not stop people looking for simple, turn off your brain, popcorn entertainment. This movie may well be the Michael Bay version of Stargate meets Dune. The print alone makes going to see this film opening weekend worth it. Poster collectors will be present hording up this print, which may be exclusive to Regal than AMC. Sadly, not all cities are created equally — this print may be limited to metroplexes willing to give up an IMAX screen to a lesser film when Deadpool still reigns.

Please check local listings for which films are playing where.

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