Putting the Divergent series IMAX promotions together; It Doesn’t Quite Gel.

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

With the Divergent series coming to an end soon (there’s one more film set for next year) and all three IMAX exclusive posters available, the artists behind the promotion had an idea going, but sadly not all concepts come together perfectly. Presented for image collectors is all three posters since the inception of this program. The first two prints for Divergent and Insurgent at least had a similar colour scheme. The third one is tonally different, and who knows what the fourth will look like.

From this promotional program’s 12:01 days to FanFix, sadly not all prints are created alike. The second image for the Insurgent film was printed on lighter paper, when compared to the first. The third, no announcement has been officially made as to which theatres will be participating in this promotion. As news become available, Otakunoculture will update if at all possible.

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Author: Ed Sum

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