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Sonic 2 Gets a New Poster, IGN Fan Fest & Beyond

17 Feb

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Plese check the schedule for online event listing.

While part of the fandom in the Pacific Northwest will be be at Fan Expo Vancouver, other folks ’round the world can enjoy IGN Fan Fest. This online only event is set to highlight the best of what’s to come soon in the world of movies, television and gaming.

There’s a lot of material to announce and new information to update fandom. No single event, be it real or virtual, can cover it all, and those able to follow along to both get the best of both worlds. But while I’ll be at Fan Expo Vancouver, this tease also includes what’s next for the Hedgehog Speedster (pictured) with this latest version. I fondly remember seeing the first film while in the big city, enjoying thie antics of this animal (movie review here) on the big screen on an evening after the convention. Time flies, or has sped up since the pandemic, and instant fans of this rodent are glad this release is on track for its April 8th release.

Look out Pac-Man, Here Comes Sonic! (in 2014)

3 Oct

sonic-tv-animation-tease-online-useBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Pac-Man is going to have some competition on the small screen next year, and that’s not in the video-game front. His ghostly adventures may get outed with some cheerful fun with what may be a new interpretation of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The new show is tentatively called Sonic Boom, and it will be a co-production between SEGA of America and Genao Prods. Set to premiere on Cartoon Network in the Fall of 2014, fifty-two 11-minute shorts are going to be made. Maybe it will be a different take from previous cartoons made in the past twenty years. The first iteration, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993), was more comical in its scope, the second, Sonic the Hedgehog (also in 1993), was more dramatic, the third, Sonic Underground (1999), looked at his family and the last one Sonic X (2003) was more episodic. Other shorts were given a limited release.

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