One Tech Geek’s Dream for Christmas Day


If there’s another nerdy wish list for Santa to look at, I can only hope that maybe one item from this list will be under my tree.

In this case, maybe a few items will finally get a proper release date because they are still stuck in their development cycle. Just maybe, one day, I will find a TARDIS waiting for me to take me on a whirlwind trip around the world. Who doesn’t want to time travel just to witness how the Egyptian pyramids were truly built? And besides, with the first item on my list, I can take home some souvenirs!

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Violent Attack on AKB48 – Update

TheaterNoticeAccording to Twitter users, notice was given to fans by the HKT48 Theater in Hawks Town Mall, Chūō-ku, Fukuoka Prefecture. The letter regards new security measures, as advised by Japanese police, in the theater where AKB48’s splinter group, HKT48, performs. In the letter the theater states:

“We will start using metal detectors today. The following is a list that will set the detector off to please put them in a plastic bag which we will distribute.”

The list includes watches, keys, belt, lighters, coins, cellphones, fashion accessories and other metals.

Other fans at the most recent HKT48 performance have said the front row in the theater was left unoccupied and that there were no hi-fives given by members of HKT48 to their fans.
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I Hope One Day, You’ll Find Watership Down

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

This is another pleasant Youtube find. This time the video is young Amy Leerae from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Leerae wrote a song based off the works of British author Richard Adams. Although the song Watership Down was originally written in 2012, Leerae has since changed the lyrics.

This writer is hoping that Leerae will one day record this song. I agree with Youtube user Scott Welch, that a cello and violin as backing instruments could only enhance this song. To some this may be a song about finding the one you love but I find it is a message to find a place where you could be happy either physically or spiritually.

I’ve listened to Leerae’s other works and I believe she has a promising career ahead of her if theatre doesn’t work out. She could become a muse by inspiring others to find their Watership Down.


Ultraman Ginga Music Sample

Although a Japanese creation, Ultraman has been influential internationally in geek culture.

Through NihonHero we have sampled the theme song for the upcoming Ultraman Ginga TV series. The song is titled “Theme of Ultraman Ginga” and is performed by Yuji Inoue, guitarist of the J-pop group Girl Next Door.

Ultraman Ginga is produced by Tsuburaya Productions who are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2013. The series will premiere in Japan on July 10, 2013. The album to the series will be released July 24, 2013.

The series stars Takuya Negishi, Mio Miyatake, Mizuki Ohno, Kirara Asuka and Takuya Kusakawa.

Although a Japanese creation, Ultraman has been influential internationally in geek culture. A prime example is Devo and their recent music video Monster Man.

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