Original Addams Family Theme Remix! Lurch Busts a Move…

By James (I am Lame) Shaw

Don’t turn that dial, The Addams Family theme has received a much-needed remix jolt and music video courtesy of artist Figure (stylized “FIGURE”). The original Addams theme from 1964 was written and arranged by Vic Mizzy, Mizzy was a Hollywood TV and film composer responsible for the Green Acres TV theme, and with Irving Taylor, he co-wrote the hit song “Three Little Sisters” as performed by The Andrews Sisters.

But out of any of Mizzy’s TV compositions (even though The Double Life of Henry Phyfe theme was similar), “The Addams Family” has to be his best contribution to date. Mizzy sang the theme himself by overdubbing his voice to make it sound like a trio. Ted Cassidy, who played the family’s butler Lurch, interjected words like “neat”, “sweet” and “petite.”

In this new version, Figure remixes Mizzy’s work with Dubstep and adds the voice tracks of actors Raul Julia (Gomez Addams) and Christina Ricci (Wednesday Addams) from the 1991 film. Apart from producing original works (Must Destroy, Mission of Destruction), Figure has remixed other classic tunes including the “Beetlejuice” theme, The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ “This is Halloween” (which has gained over 800,000 views to date), and the “Halloween” theme by John Carpenter.

For this music video Raul Julia (as Gomez) has a great line from the 1991 film that is used at the 0:19 mark and it defines just what kind of man the police are dealing with. And just so the original cast aren’t outdone, Lurch and Wednesday (Lisa Loring) break out some dance moves at the 2:28 mark that would create a stir at a rave.

Due to our own guidelines we can’t post a direct link here, but Figure’s “Addams Family” theme remix is available for free download. Just follow the YouTube video link here, and obtain the free download link in the information section under the YouTube video.

Source(s): Out of This World Tour Twitter.
Video Source(s): Nostalgia “Then & Now” and Figure.

Author: James Robert Shaw

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