In A Christmas for Crows, Leonide the Vampyr Makes A Chilling Return

Leonide the Vampyr is ready to haunt your dreams in book two, A Christmas for Crows.

A Christmas for CrowsDark Horse Comics
Spoiler Alert

Comic book extraordinaire Mike Mignola has crafted a character which I believe will surpass even Wednesday Addams’ fame. There’s more than meets the eye to who Leonide the Vampyr is, and in book two, A Christmas for Crows, her backstory suggests her curse was preordained. I will not spoil too much of this beautiful story. All I can figure out so far, before she got turned, must have been very complex.

And throughout the years, she’s been selective in who was bled dry in order for her to go on. Those victim’s curse seems to differ from hers. One family might have metamorphosized into crows, hence this volume’s title and like the Wandering Jew, both are fated to chase the night. In this latest work, this murder visit Leonide, and as for what they do, well, that’d be revealing too much.

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Who Has the Power in Hasbro & Netflix’s He-Man & The Masters of the Universe?

These teens are Eternia’s answer to Power Rangers…

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDbBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Spoiler Alert

Hasbro & Netflix’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe may not appeal to all longtime fans. It’s been redesigned, and the new power of Grayskull is a trans-dimensional force of nature to perhaps contain and explain why these retellings over the years exist. Thankfully, this latest version stays true to the first series where it tries to teach young viewers the value of friendship, trust and teamwork. 

Rob David, the showrunner, is drawing from a cleaned up series bible. Hasbro and Funimation never made one during their development of the 1983 show. After so many retellings on different fronts, namely three televised series and the comic books–this latest takes the best of and explains the complex relationships that exists in this world. The motives are much clearer. It’s also completely different from what Kevin Smith is doing in his continuation, MotU: Revelation.

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The Green Knight’s Headed to Theatres This Summer

Gawain is the hero, and he must do what the other’s can’t–to take on a giant.

eca9ce97 ab1f 6bcf cb2d 637d0cb6a260Elevation Pictures
Director: David Lowery

Anyone who has studied the Gawain and the Green Knight in school will be in for a treat!

The poem has rarely been adapted to film, and it’s been long overdue for a regeneration. No Doctor Who reference is intended here, but rather what’s needed is a focus on making this retelling a tale of horror. It’s an unusual take in an otherwise medieval morality play.

Gawain () is the hero, and he must do what the other’s can’t–to take on a giant who symbolizes Nature. The Christian symbolism in the trailer is notable, and as for whether King Arthur and his court are challenging their own demons or they simply know Camelot is coming to an end, the ideas aren’t likely to stray far from the source material. New to the canon is a fox, and perhaps a spiritual antagonist in the form of a fox.

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Knight Squad 2’s “Switch” to Handheld Play!

The fantasy basics are more or less adhered to with your traditional combat weaponry. However, the joy is when other non-traditional (modern) weapons become part of the equation

Chainsawesome GamesBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Nintendo Switch
Release Date:
April 14, 2021

Also available on Xbox, Switch, Steam and the Epic Store
Chainsawesome Games

Knight Squad 2 is one of those “cute” party-games which is better with real life team-mates (or opponents) than the AI. It’s a lot more fun and I daresay better than the Nickelodeon television show bearing a similar name (no relation). The standalone mode is very good to help players get used to dodging. One hack or slash is enough to slay the player’s avatar (which can be very frustrating for newcomers). The real challenge is in those mini-games where teams have to work together to have each other’s back than to individually win the day! True to the original, the action is with trying to nail one another in attacks that you don’t see coming.

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Raptor, A Sokoi Graphic Novel to release July 2021!

4d131fe4 0e2c 4338 8201 b502aeb9c2d5Dark Horse Comics
Coming July 2021

From award-winning, critically acclaimed artist and writer Dave McKean (Black Dog, The Sandman) comes his first creator-owned character in a stunning visual tour-de-force graphic novel, Raptor, A Sokoi Graphic Novel.

Raptor flickers between two worlds and two conflicted souls: Sokol wanders a feudal fantastical landscape hunting monsters for those that can pay, and Arthur, a writer of supernatural tales in 19th Century Wales, mourning the passing of his young wife and dabbling in the supernatural in the vain hope of seeing her again. They both exist in the twilight between truth and lies, life and death, reality and the imagination. Continue reading “Raptor, A Sokoi Graphic Novel to release July 2021!”

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