Knight Squad 2’s “Switch” to Handheld Play!

The fantasy basics are more or less adhered to with your traditional combat weaponry. However, the joy is when other non-traditional (modern) weapons become part of the equation

Chainsawesome GamesBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Nintendo Switch
Release Date:
April 14, 2021

Also available on Xbox, Switch, Steam and the Epic Store
Chainsawesome Games

Knight Squad 2 is one of those “cute” party-games which is better with real life team-mates (or opponents) than the AI. It’s a lot more fun and I daresay better than the Nickelodeon television show bearing a similar name (no relation). The standalone mode is very good to help players get used to dodging. One hack or slash is enough to slay the player’s avatar (which can be very frustrating for newcomers). The real challenge is in those mini-games where teams have to work together to have each other’s back than to individually win the day! True to the original, the action is with trying to nail one another in attacks that you don’t see coming.

This sequel to the original was originally developed for desktop PC and to have it on Nintendo Switch is certainly perfect since it handles multiplayer quite well. In addition to Steam and Epic (for the Windows system), I hope a Mac version is being worked on.

The thirteen mini-games will certainly keep anyone house bound (due to a certain pandemic) occupied for some time. To name a few, there’s Capture the Flag, Berserker Run, and Knight Kart. Each is fun to play with family while stuck at home (yes, insert the obligatory pandemic note here). As an online cross-platformer, you don’t have to worry about others not having the game on the same device. I tried the Switch version and it’s nicer to have it on the big screen so you can see where you are. The icons get tiny on a handheld screen and thankfully, there’s a bright indicator arrow on the avatar (for each respective player) for those on the portable to know where they are.

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Knight Squad 2 supports up to eight players. My interest in this product is because I love the “super deformed” art style. I think (more competent) Minions from the Despicable Me films are hiding in that armour, but until one of them undresses, I’ll never know.

The fantasy basics are more or less adhered to with your traditional combat weaponry. However, the joy is when other non-traditional (modern) weapons become part of the equation. I have yet to get a bazooka, but I’m just only rubbing my hands in evil glee to take down that castle!

One mini-game, Payload, has teams clash in an explosive tug of war to deliver powder kegs to the enemy base and that alone is humorous in a Looney Tunes level. As much as I’d love to get a zoom in on the action here, the game field perspective doesn’t change.

Payload Zoomed

Minion Master, where rivals raise armies to besiege and topple opposing fortresses, is challenging. 

The fact that Medieval Soccer is a full contact combat sport is fun and absurd. It’s like watching those aforementioned Minions attempting to move an oversized ball to their opponent’s net.

In addition to staying updated on Knight Squad’s official website, players can also join the community on Discord, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Founded in 2012, Chainsawesome Games is a Québec-based independent studio composed of chainsaw aficionados with a shared passion for carving action-packed and multiplayer-focused titles for PC and consoles. Between enjoying the most excellent poutine and surviving long winters, the close-knit team works to create games that are easy to get into and effortlessly fun.

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