Jack Osbourne’s Haunted Homecoming. He’s Ready to Sing!

I’m liking this limited series which concerns the spooky encounters from Jack Osbourne’s younger life.

Jack Osbourne's Haunted HomecomingOn Discovery Plus

Jack Osbourne is finally returning to his roots, and we get to learn why he’s embarked on a career in searching for ghosts and ufos. It’s not about dealing with sordid family history, but instead in finding answers to why he’s become a magnet of sorts. I’m glad his latest, Haunted Homecoming, gets to explain that past, and it’s very appropriate to catch on All Hallow’s Eve weekend.

It’s the type of show which helps validate why he’s the star behind other programs like Portals to Hell and The Osbournes, We Want to Believe. Unlike these other shows, what’s presented here feels a lot more personal. We’re not dealing with those famously haunted places. Instead, it’s in what lurks at the places he often frequented during his youth. Despite what one reality tv show tried to imply, he’s a lot more normal than we realise. And where he went after school speaks a lot about his character. Although three episodes were only made and five locales are visited, I hope he’ll extend this series to include even more moments of his life.

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Breaking Down Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror. It Isn’t With UFOs.

Jack Osbourne isn’t hanging up his proton pack just yet. He’s need night vision goggles to find unidentified aerial phenomena in Night of Terror: UFOs.

night of terrorStreaming on Discovery Plus

When Jack Osbourne is not chasing after ghosts in Portals to Hell, he’s scanning the skies for unidentified aerial phenomena in Night of Terror: UFOs. I like the fact he’s interested in everything paranormal, but I’m still reminded of who he once was when The Osbournes (2005) introduced him to Reality TV.

If most of that series was indeed manufactured for entertainment only, then I suspect he turned that around to create his own programs based on what he’s keen on. Jack’s passion is captured on video for all to see. But as for becoming an authority in the same vein as Loyd Auerbach or Nick Pope, something must make him change how he studies this world.

Thus, in Night of Terror, his approach is to simply witness it first-hand. This entertainment producer takes Jason Mewes and Jamie Kennedy to the Uinta Basin region of Utah to find proof of the existence of aliens and UFOs. Sadly, they don’t have any close encounters of any kind they can take home to tell the kids about. Nor do they witness a “Tear in the Sky,” which is better than what this piece of reality TV programming offers. What they manage to digitally record is either too fuzzy or granulated (they’re consumer grade night vision technology) to say they have undeniable proof.

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