Look Up! Is That “A Tear in the Sky?”

What “A Tear in the Sky” tries to discover is if energy can be detected using current Earth technology.

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The Navy often encounters Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and whether they cause A Tear in the Sky depends on who you ask. But as for what powers these UFOs, nobody knows. This latest documentary tries to figure out if they are using wormholes, micro black holes, cold fusion, or some unknown technology to travel about. What this work hosted by Caroline Cory tries to discover is if energy can be observed/detected using current Earth technology.

Whatever kind of propulsion is used, it’s bound to be light years ahead of what NASA and private enterprises are trying to craft. I believe it’s cold fusion after I finished watching. Michio Kaku, even leans towards it too, and I’ll gladly watch anything this physicist appears in!

Also co-starring in this work are William Shatner and a team of UFO hunters–Travis Taylor, Kevin Day, and Gary Voorhis, Kevin Knuth, and Matthew Szydagis (the latter being associate doctorate professors)–investigate the strange goings on off the Santa Catalina Island in California. They are looking for the “TicTac” UFOs. And what we see this documentary focus on doesn’t differ to much from other programs about seeking definitive proof of the unknown.

What we see is the team attempting to triangulate where the action is happening. To figure out where the alien crafts are launching from, or blipping through time and space like a TARDIS, is their goal.

When any observer is watching from hundreds of miles away, it’s tough to know if any residue is left behind. I often wonder if the equipment used cannot include drones to get up close. Obtaining definitive evidence is hard, and these aliens are being elusive towards the curious human trackers for a reason. We have a bit of discourse about this problem and what one person wants to do to attract their attention.

Exclusive: UFO Hunters Make a Strange Discovery in A Tear in the Sky Clip

Shatner’s involvement is small. He bookends this work more instead of being actively involved in a roundtable discussion like in Ancient Aliens and Treasures of Oak Island. True to his Captain Kirk namesake, he’s an explorer of new frontiers. To see him be part of that team to make first contact is probably why he’s in these conspiracy/alien contact type programs. As for when that definitive alien encounter will happen depends on humanity being ready for it, and Cory’s Tear in the Sky is sadly brief in discussing it. I would’ve liked to see more so that meeting won’t lead to war or be like in V.

This film will be available to rent and own worldwide on digital HD internet, cable, and satellite platforms through 1091 Pictures beginning May 3, 2022.

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