Jack Osbourne’s Haunted Homecoming. He’s Ready to Sing!

I’m liking this limited series which concerns the spooky encounters from Jack Osbourne’s younger life.

Jack Osbourne's Haunted HomecomingOn Discovery Plus

Jack Osbourne is finally returning to his roots, and we get to learn why he’s embarked on a career in searching for ghosts and ufos. It’s not about dealing with sordid family history, but instead in finding answers to why he’s become a magnet of sorts. I’m glad his latest, Haunted Homecoming, gets to explain that past, and it’s very appropriate to catch on All Hallow’s Eve weekend.

It’s the type of show which helps validate why he’s the star behind other programs like Portals to Hell and The Osbournes, We Want to Believe. Unlike these other shows, what’s presented here feels a lot more personal. We’re not dealing with those famously haunted places. Instead, it’s in what lurks at the places he often frequented during his youth. Despite what one reality tv show tried to imply, he’s a lot more normal than we realise. And where he went after school speaks a lot about his character. Although three episodes were only made and five locales are visited, I hope he’ll extend this series to include even more moments of his life.

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Soldier of War, A Movie Review

Soldier of WarBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

* Spoiler Alert

Arriving on VOD March 3rd with a DVD following on April 9th

Soldier of War may seem like a misleading title, but this horror crime drama has a lot of terrific layers of backstory to examine. Anyone wondering about what the world might be like should the Nazis successfully invade England or curious about the experiments going on by either side to turn the tide of war is encouraged to check out this film written by John and Peter Adams.

This film is not simply about what gets unleashed from a lost military bunker in Shafton Forest. When the kills come swiftly, I was not disappointed at the Jason Voorhees wannabe. This character was military, and a human. Just what he is now … that’s hard to say when considering how he gets defeated.
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Punk Rock’s Legacy is Defined with The Damned, A Documentary Review

now available for purchase on AmazonSoldier of War

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)
To be published in an upcoming issue of Absolute Underground Magazine 

The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead is a fascinating documentary that looks at the rise, decline and resurrection of the United Kingdom’s seminary lords of the punk rock scene. They helped give rise to it mid to late 70’s, and the people they influenced included Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders — who played with The Damned albeit briefly before finding her own road to success.

Although I would have liked to hear more from her brief stint, many well-known names were interviewed about the influence this band had back then. They were very introspective. Appearances from Billy Idol, Lemmy, Son Letts, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Mick Jones of The Clash and Clem Burke of Blondie are just some of the names who lend their insights to what this group represented. Although they never attained the global success that bands like the Sex Pistols attained, that may be in part to the image the founding members — Dave Vanian, Brian James, Captain Sensible and Rat Scabies — wanted to project. They seemed rather schizophrenic early in their inception.

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Fireman Sam Original Artwork Fetches £152 at Charity Auction

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

FiremanSamNewAn original drawing of Fireman Sam signed and donated by Rob Lee, co-creator of the series has been auctioned off for charity fetching £152 ($284 CAD, $214 USD). Fireman Sam debuted on BBC One in 1987. The characters and storyline were created by Lee based on the idea from two ex-firemen from Kent, Dave Gingell and David Jones. The show was about a Fireman named Sam, his fellow firefighters, and the townspeople who lived in a fictional Welsh town called Pontypandy. Fireman Sam was originally stop-motion animated and lasted for five series. A computer animated version continued Sam’s adventures in 2003. Today Fireman Sam has been sold to television stations in over 40 countries and has been published in book form.

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Have a Dreamy Easter with Benedict Cumberbunnies

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Cumberbunny2Fans of chocolate, Easter, and Benedict Cumberbatch rejoice! The Cumberbunny will come hop hop hopping along this easter from chocolate artisan company ‘Choclatician’. The Sherlock star not only looks good on television but this stylish handmade piece will look just as good in a weaved basket this Easter. Molding Cumberbatch into chocolate is becoming a tradition to the artisans at ‘Choclatician’. The UK-based company received press last year when they made a life-size sculpture of Cumberbatch using 500 bars of Belgian chocolate. The whole affair was a promotion for UKTV’s new channel that focused on drama programmes. Artisan Jen Lindsey-Clark who was involved in last years sculpting is solely responsible for this year’s offering. Admirers of Mr. Cumberbatch, who would have little reason to meet him in real life, can at least come face-to-face with his Belgian counterpart. The Cumberbunny can keep for six months apparently, but one wonders would buyers of the Cumberbunny eat it right away or just store it only to occasionally pat its bunny bottom.


To purchase a Cumberbunny, you can visit Choclatician’s official website here.

Source(s): Mashable, Tim Chester, and Chocolatician
Video Source(s): UKTV.