Coming Next Month: Red Dwarf Season 13!

Image result for red dwarf season 13Coming April 2020.

The upcoming teaser trailer for the next “season” of Red Dwarf dropped early this week, and it’s a doozy! With only a few lines of dialogue, all we know (without knowing the synopsis) is that the titular space ship is facing some kind of imminent shut down and the crew must leave. However, strife between the crew continues to exist. Rimmer says, “You don’t need me. I’m not sure you ever did.” Lester tries to be the voice of reason and reveals the gang has to stay together. Kryton stated the obvious. They need a new ship and The Cat, as usual, freaks out. The visuals are sparse. We see an enormous ship chasing after what we assume is the Starbug.

This special replaces the episodic format previous seasons had. As the series looks like it’ll take a darker turn for the gang, the comedy which defines the show will no doubt remain intact. In what they have to face, however, will have ramifications for the future of this wonderful show. I can only imagine that there will no longer be the Red Dwarf spaceship, if the cries of fear are any indication. Just where can they live, or will it be an end? The love for this series is strong, and I suspect two more seasons can be made before the performers get too old.

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Have a Dreamy Easter with Benedict Cumberbunnies

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Cumberbunny2Fans of chocolate, Easter, and Benedict Cumberbatch rejoice! The Cumberbunny will come hop hop hopping along this easter from chocolate artisan company ‘Choclatician’. The Sherlock star not only looks good on television but this stylish handmade piece will look just as good in a weaved basket this Easter. Molding Cumberbatch into chocolate is becoming a tradition to the artisans at ‘Choclatician’. The UK-based company received press last year when they made a life-size sculpture of Cumberbatch using 500 bars of Belgian chocolate. The whole affair was a promotion for UKTV’s new channel that focused on drama programmes. Artisan Jen Lindsey-Clark who was involved in last years sculpting is solely responsible for this year’s offering. Admirers of Mr. Cumberbatch, who would have little reason to meet him in real life, can at least come face-to-face with his Belgian counterpart. The Cumberbunny can keep for six months apparently, but one wonders would buyers of the Cumberbunny eat it right away or just store it only to occasionally pat its bunny bottom.


To purchase a Cumberbunny, you can visit Choclatician’s official website here.

Source(s): Mashable, Tim Chester, and Chocolatician
Video Source(s): UKTV.

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