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Five Animated Picks to Enjoy Easter With!

3 Apr

Over the Moon (2020) - IMDbBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Easter is forever tied with a certain spiritual tradition and before being adopted in to Christianity, it was about the rebirth of the land. That is, in a pagan world, people were celebrating the return of Spring! Those who are not religious can still spend this long weekend making merry in front of the television, or go out to enjoy the fresh air.

While I encourage spending time outdoors than in front of the television, those who are immune-compromised don’t have a lot of choice. Here are my picks on what to enjoy at home that doesn’t have to be very preachy about this long weekend. Sometimes it’s just about being able to hug a bunny!

Over the Moon (2020)

Available on Netflix

This heartfelt flick introduces a spunky Fei Fei, who is forever lost. Her mom passed and the last thing the two did together was when the girl was gifted with a bunny. At the same time, she’s determined and believes its possible to get her mom back, but she has to meet the Moon Goddess and make that wish. While her family is able to move on, she isn’t, and builds a rocket to ride on in order to meet the deity.

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Have a Dreamy Easter with Benedict Cumberbunnies

5 Mar

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Cumberbunny2Fans of chocolate, Easter, and Benedict Cumberbatch rejoice! The Cumberbunny will come hop hop hopping along this easter from chocolate artisan company ‘Choclatician’. The Sherlock star not only looks good on television but this stylish handmade piece will look just as good in a weaved basket this Easter. Molding Cumberbatch into chocolate is becoming a tradition to the artisans at ‘Choclatician’. The UK-based company received press last year when they made a life-size sculpture of Cumberbatch using 500 bars of Belgian chocolate. The whole affair was a promotion for UKTV’s new channel that focused on drama programmes. Artisan Jen Lindsey-Clark who was involved in last years sculpting is solely responsible for this year’s offering. Admirers of Mr. Cumberbatch, who would have little reason to meet him in real life, can at least come face-to-face with his Belgian counterpart. The Cumberbunny can keep for six months apparently, but one wonders would buyers of the Cumberbunny eat it right away or just store it only to occasionally pat its bunny bottom.


To purchase a Cumberbunny, you can visit Choclatician’s official website here.

Source(s): Mashable, Tim Chester, and Chocolatician
Video Source(s): UKTV.

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