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Three Dark Horse Comics Must Reads for Halloween 2022

21 Oct
Dark Horse Comics must reads include Leonide

Available on ComiXology

As All Hallow’s Eve Night nears, I have three Dark Horse Comics must reads for the season. When I first looked at them, I was entranced until my window shutter blasted open, a bird flew in, and cawed, “Nevermore! Nevermore!” I screamed, threw the book up in the air, and hid under the bed covers.

Okay, that didn’t happen, but with plenty of seasonal offerings happening nearly one atop another, it’s easy to not finish reading in one night. The vibes from Leonide the Vampyr, Miracle at the Crow’s Head certainly got my imagination running wild. This work, written by Mike Mignola, certainly takes a few cues from Bram Stoker’s seminal Dracula if I’m to assume he’s paying tribute to more than one source material.

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Thirteen Movies to Feast Your Eyes Upon For Halloween 2022!

13 Sep

Thirteen Movies for Halloween 2022Fans of horror films will find the upcoming All Hallows Eve season promising. I have thirteen movies on my radar for this year and they range from family friendly works to all out terrifying! Plus, I’m glad I can get my viewing on now rather than wait for the official start of the Autumn season.

Usually, these films are reserved for late Sept release, but it’s already begun. I’m just sad one of the films doesn’t have an American release since it got yanked at the last minute. Hopefully it’s just an oversight and will find a place in home video or streaming closer to the date. The first film on my list fits into the spooky tradition quite well.

Presented in chronological order are (to note, not every movie has an official poster):

Dark Harvest 

This movie was originally planned for an early September release but was pulled. Thankfully, if the information from filmrating.com is correct, the September 22 date suggests one part of the world can see it. People living in Argentina have a chance and sadly, I feel not giving this film a wide release is an injustice since the story is perfect for the upcoming season.

From the IMDB, “A legendary monster called October Boy terrorizes residents in a small Midwestern town when he rises from the cornfields every Halloween with his butcher knife and makes his way toward those who are brave enough to confront him.”

Thankfully, we do have this teaser trailer to keep fans sated until a new date is offered for those living in North America or other countries.

Thankfully, we have other movies with confirmed release dates and they are:

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At Fantasia 2022, There’s More Than Five Must See Animated Picks

11 Jul

Fantasia Film Festival

Trying to boil the list of nine animated feature films listed in Fantasia 2022’s Film Festival’s guide down to five top picks is tough! Honestly, since there are two weeks to enjoy this event, I’d say go see them all. But that would be cheating.

Even more importantly, this year has a Korean Animated Film Spotlight! The short films and special documentaries offered makes this list count seven items instead of the typical top five. Plus, the folklore from this region is unique, and to see these tales get animated will not doubt be phantasmagorical. I suggest checking out the dedicated website page to see what’ll be offered.

One film not on the list because I’ve already seen it is Girl From the Other Side. I saw it at another event, and reviewed it already. It doesn’t mean people should skip it. Instead, I highly recommend it.

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12 Blockbuster Movies to Look Forward to in 2022

6 Jan

Blockbuster MoviesThere are plenty of movies to get excited for each year, and while most of those rescheduled films have finally hit theatres or streaming, Hollywood isn’t slowing down either for new products. Instead of reiterating what’s been pushed back again, I’m only touching on the new blockbuster movies that’ll be coming soon.

Advancing of ZQ
Feb 1 (China)

This comedy is due to hit theatres come Chinese New Year and it might get an America side screening in the weeks following. It’s a strange superhero family drama about Zheng Qian, the black sheep of the family, coming home and trying to make amends before his grandfather’s funeral.

When a meteorite strikes nearby and brings back the dead, the supernatural shenanigans don’t end there. The family has a rival out to get their fortunes and the Qians better have their act together than be splintered apart if they’re to save the day.

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Top 12 Animated Films to be Excited For in 2022

4 Jan

Belle (2021 film) - WikipediaBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Every year, I’m more excited about what new animated films are coming. This medium offers more storytelling potential than live-action and the budget to realise it shouldn’t be as expensive as trying to create it in live-action. Not every work has its plot known, and for the sake of not spoiling, I won’t go into a lot of detail unless absolutely necessary.

The following 12 Animated Films are organised according to release date from specific to general.

Belle: The Dragon and the Freckled Princess
January 14

This anime about a shy high school girl who finds freedom in virtual reality will certainly speak about today’s obsession with this technology. But as for whether she’s ready depends if she can break free from that digital world and be herself.

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