When Doves Fly in Thundercats Roar

After giving Thundercats Roar a complete series view twice, all I can say about this show was a waste of time.

Thundercats Roar Promotional PosterNewborn kitties are always entertaining to watch, but when made anthropomorphic in Thundercats Roar, watching them stumble about for hours on end got boring. I really wanted the 2011 series to get a season two, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

All we got was an outline of what would have been spectacular.

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Cool Cosplay: Lady Dane’s Lion-O Gen 1


Take a look at the photos being shared by Thundercats.org of a female version of Lion-O, lord of the Thundercats.

This character is being modeled by entertainer Lady Dane and it’s not the Lion-O from the 2nd animated series that is being portrayed but from the original by Japan’s Pacific Animation Corporation.

Photo credit here goes to SGH PhotoArt.

Lady Danes as Lion-O