When Doves Fly in Thundercats Roar

After giving Thundercats Roar a complete series view twice, all I can say about this show was a waste of time.

Thundercats Roar Promotional PosterNewborn kitties are always entertaining to watch, but when made anthropomorphic in Thundercats Roar, watching them stumble about for hours on end got boring. I really wanted the 2011 series to get a season two, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

All we got was an outline of what would have been spectacular.

From Geek-news.mtv.com (sic Wikipedia), “In an interview with Dan Norton, Shannon Eric Denton, and Larry Kenney at Power-Con, they mentioned that if there was a season two, it would detail Mumm-Ra’s hand in the creation of the Snarfs, Slithe’s history with Lynx-O (which would also explain how Slithe and the Lizards sided with Mumm-Ra), Mumm-Ra tricking the ThunderKittens into bringing the Sword of Omens to him, so that he could send them to El Dara, and Pumyra being transformed into a wicked insectoid monster on a mission to capture the ThunderCats. The name of the last stone was also revealed as the Soul Stone. [original webpage is down]”

I loved the character development. Pantro was perhaps the most straightforward as an honour bound guard. Though the little love triangle between Cheetara, Trygra and Lion-O really defined this series, the fact he had a lot to learn of being a leader–and if he is right to weld the Sword of Omens made up the rest. The mythology from the 2011 show was hard core Star Wars level stuff. This program took the material more seriously than its current iteration as a “kids program.” Lion-O is a buffoon, not always knowing the power he possesses; it’s more by pure luck he wins the day.

To be honest, I’d rather watch a classic episode of He-Man since the episodes are designed along a familiar mould.; There’s episodes which teaches viewers a valuable life lesson, but it’s overshadowed by the buffoonery that goes on.

“Lost Sword” and “The Horror of Hook Mountain” are the only two standouts from the season. The adventure “Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living” gives some background information I’ve been waiting for, and the season gets a reasonable close with “Mumm-Ra of Plun-Darr.” As the title implies, the enemy finally lay siege to the cat’s lair and the result was a massive let down.

After giving Thundercats Roar a complete series view twice, all I can say about this show was a waste of time. I wanted to give this latest interpretation a chance, but it was tough. I was pulling hairs and not a lot of folks are fond of naked cats. Sphinx for destroying my love of the saga, Cartoon Network. It should be buried and forgotten.

Author: Ed Sum

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