On Why We Want to Believe with Episode Three!

2 Jul

nullBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Three short episodes into We Want to Believe, “The Demon Jar” is still waiting to be unopened. In a regular episode of any paranormal show on Travel & Escape Network, this piece of the puzzle is the segment to describe how the equipment works and reveal the challenges of investigating at any time of the day.

One detail I appreciated with this web series on JoBlo.com is seeing exactly what an engineer with Adobe Audition can do to filter down the ambient noise. We can learn from this series! Not every Electronic Noise Phenomenon is easy to hear. Supposedly, Sarah did get something in her recording session, but it’s tough to hear unless you play with the waveform.

Fans will have to wait until early next month to see how this case is wrapped up. Usually, these episodes end by saying a location is indeed haunted. I like to know what the team will do afterwards and that’s why I’m staying tuned. Plus, I’m intrigued with what may be contained inside a small jar and we need a closure to bring this arc to an end. Since it’s unlikely the spirit will leave the bottle, what needs to be said here is where will it be kept next….

As a result of this program, I’m back to doing casual investigations. I had to wait until the home I was in had its occupant finally asleep before I could truly investigate. Certain sounds from a television can carry further than others, and that’s a detail everyone has to be aware of. Even in episode three, we are told how noisy the environment truly is. It’s rare to see programs highlight the reality of how a case can go, especially when it’s handled during the day instead of night.

Also, not all cases can be “resolved” overnight. I know what I’m doing requires subsequent visits and I suspect with We Want to Believe, the team will be back too!


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