On Why Music Matters in Macross: Past, Present & Future

ArtStation - Super Dimension Fortress Macross logo for 3D animation, George  EdwardBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

After catching the livestream of Macross Delta Tactical Sound Unit—1st LIVE in Zepp—Walküre Attack! last month, I was curious. How has the music of this fond anime franchise fared over the years? Mari Iijima defined everything that is the sound of the 90s series, and maintained it! The talents who would take over in the sequels adapted to the times and generally honour this singer’s original legacy. From Sharon Apple to Sheryl Nome, the sound has changed. It sometimes transcend pop and become something that we can equate to Lady Gaga’s shows in our world.

This concert shows why music is important to this franchise’s success. The nature of these performances plays on a musical theory I believe is at the core of the series. Boethius is a Roman philosopher who once said music can be broken up to three components. They are musica mundana (a universal appeal), musica humana (the internal sound heard by the human body) and musica quae (the harmonies projected by singers and instrumentalists).

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Tatsunoko’s Live-Action Feature, ‘Hurricane Polymar’, Teaser Trailer Released!

hurricane-polymarBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

The live-action feature film adaption of Tatsunoko Productions’ animated creation, Hurricane Polymar, might be closer to premiere than you think. Officially announced earlier by Tatsunoko in November, the teaser trailer made its debut yesterday. The film is set to release in May, 2017 and will coincide with the 55th anniversary of Tatsunoko Productions, an animation company founded by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida and brothers Kenji and Toyoharu (who has written under the pen name “Ippei Kuri”). Among the many titles Tasunoko has been responsible for are Mach Go Go Go (Speed Racer), Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets, G-Force), and Tekkaman: The Space Knight.

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