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Hopes for Where Spider-Man: Homecoming Will Go Next

17 Jul


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

To restart the Spider-Man movie franchise for the third time may seem to some industry observers a crazy attempt by Sony Pictures to keep a hold of this Marvel Comics property. Much like how 20th Century Fox does not want to let go of the Fantastic Four, eventually some give and take must be reached. Thankfully an agreement was reached to bring the hero back to where he truly belongs (perhaps, why the title Homecoming is used). At the same time, to see this character come alive in a recognizable manner reveals plenty of wholehearted fun akin to the race to get home in Ferris Bueller into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

After seeing this movie for the second time, I had to make sure my feelings for this film does not change. Further viewings are needed to pick up on some nuances I noticed in this movie. A few scenes deliberately mimicked moments from another familiar character. The personalities between Spidey and Deadpool are different, but to see these two white spectacled hooligans trying to save the day does need mentioning.

Most of the laughs come from how Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is hoping for another chance to work with the Avengers. After his introduction in Captain America: Civil War, dealing with neighbourhood crime is not the same. When he finds weapons powered by powerful alien tech illegally trafficked, nobody at Avengers Headquarters seems to care. Spider-Man has to investigate and put the criminal ring down himself.

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Dwayne Johnson is Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze!

15 May

DwayneJohnsonPublicityBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

This has been brewing for some time but people knew it had to happen eventually. With Dwayne Johnson‘s love for superheros, it makes sense that he would wish to star in Doc Savage since he is already set to star in a film of a hero as equally recognizable, Shazam. Shane Black, who wrote and directed Iron Man 3, will be performing the same duties with Doc Savage. Filming is set to begin sometime in 2017. Originally Black expressed interest in Chris Hemsworth of Marvel’s Thor but whether or not Hemsworth turned down the role or Black shelved the idea, that hasn’t stopped Black from telling media that Dwayne Johnson is the man for the job. Johnson with his chiseled good looks, defined physique, and incredible on-screen charisma would be fitting to play the Man of Bronze. And now it appears this is happening. Johnson has all but officially confirmed his role. Johnson has been one to allow his fans a peek at the behind-the-scenes of his films before and why would this nod to Doc Savage be any different. Johnson revealed via his Instagram account:

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Nothing New is Offered in Ratchet & Clank Movie Adaptation

12 May

rncp1By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Movies based on video games are often a hit and miss affair with the masses. Not everyone will have played it. Very few end up as spectacular. Try as many studios might for a memorable blockbuster, most end up as a so bad it’s good category. Not many end up with sequels. Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Silent Hill are the only exceptions to this list. Maybe the problem lies in who these films are intended for. The latest entry, Ratchet and Clank, is definitely aimed at the kids.

This tale comes complete with the obligatory lessons for youths to take home. This film shows how Ratchet (James Arnold Taylor) should never give up on his dream of being part of the Galactic Rangers. When the anthropomorphic world is filled with critters trying to make a difference in a dog eat dog world of humans glory hounding victories, just how this garage mechanic is going to become a soldier is going to be tough. He has to convince the egotistical Captain Qwark (Jim Ward) to let him join. From here, I thought I was watching Disney Afternoon’s Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. This cartoon was developed in 2000 and the game did not emerge till 2002. For instance, Mira wanted to be part of the galactic police force, but many people (Buzz and her royal parents) were hesitant. While the short robot X-R and Clank (David Kaye) are different personalities, both fill a very similar role. A part of what I loved in this series is in how a brotherhood of trust is developed, and this film moves in a very similar flow. A part of the plot that’s enjoyable is in how Ratchet wants to see the good in everyone, including those who have seemingly chosen to sell out.

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Goosebump’s Hairy Road to Success, A Movie Review

19 Oct


Thankfully, Goosebumps the Movie is not a Jack Black-centric movie. The protagonist looks at the life of Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) as he adjusts to the small town life at Madison, Delaware. After the death of his father, Gale (Amy Ryan), his mom, finds that he’s closed himself off to people. Although he befriends Champ (Ryan Lee), a socially awkward teen in the vein of Adam Sandler, and develops an interest in Hannah (Odeya Rush) — his next door neighbour — life still does not feel easy. Mr. Shivers (Black) is a menacing recluse and he treats nearly everyone with contempt.

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Amazing Spider-Man 2 Superbowl Trailers and Analysis!

2 Feb

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Is there going to be a eugenics war in Amazing Spider-Man 2? If this latest trailer is any indication, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is learning that Oscorp Industries has followed him for some time now. They are interested in cross-breeding experiments. Through bio-morphism and the study of regeneration, Dr. Curt Connors became the Lizard and thinks the world can be a better place if everyone in New York City is changed. Peter had to deal with that threat in the first movie and save the day.

With hype for the second movie now in full swing, this sequel will show what the power of substance abuse can do to other people. Apparently the serum that Connors “perfected” is still being studied. With him gone, what’s hidden and contained remains a secret to everyone but Norman Osborne. His son, Harry (Dane DeHaan) seems to be privy to some information, but as for how much he knows, viewers will have to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 (due to be released in theatres May 2) to find out.

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