Ghostbusters Afterlife & Ultimate Set in Review

The difference between buying the individual releases of the Ghostbusters film on Blu-ray and the massive 4K box set is not just the cardboard.


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4K Ultimate Collection (limited to USA)

The difference between buying the individual releases of the Ghostbusters film on Blu-ray and the massive 4K box set is not just the cardboard. It’s a fairly big box that can be put on a display shelf, and as for the individually cardboard sleeved discs, perhaps moving them onto proper cases is better. Those can be placed on the video library shelf.

The collectable edition has a cool green-coloured light-up effect when you open the faux ghost trap to reveal the packages. The study cardboard construction can take some bruising, but I’ll be trying to keep mine as prestine (still with the plastic sleeve) as possible and dusting it more often than usual. The two bonus discs is the reason why long time fans are buying this edition over the single. I’m still going through them all (as time allows) and find reading the recreation of Don Shay’s Making Ghostbusters book from 1985 the big bonus. 

New image of 'Ghostbusters Ultimate Collection' shows off light-up display  box! - Ghostbusters NewsThe only item missing to make this edition ‘Perfect’ is for Dan Aykroyd to release a look of his original treatment. I’m still curious about the sci-fi take he had. While that would’ve most likely never been a hit, people want to know.

The ultimate set release offers:

  • Two alternate cuts of the film (television and preview)
  • Audition footage
  • Seven Featurettes
  • Dailies
  • Multi-angle edits of key scenes
  • Storyboard comparisons
  • Photo Galleries
  • Music Videos: Ray Parker Jr’s “Ghostbusters” & Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own”
  • Trailers

Those were added to give owners perhaps the most comprehensive look into the making of the first two films. They were thankfully filed away rather than stuck in the ghost containment chamber. Had that been the case, retrieving them would’ve been difficult. 

Ultimate Ghostbusters Blu-ray Set Includes Alternate Cut of Original Film

The content for Afterlife doesn’t differ from the single release, and the bits fans will want to watch are the featurettes. They show just how much of a fun time star McKenna Grace had during production, and how the team made her feel like a true kid at heart. Other pieces include saying how the team felt with two generations of Reitmans involved in the making of a proper third film and respecting what Paul Feig wanted to do for the franchise. The easter egg segment is a nice look at everything inserted that were from the first two films. This content amounts to ten percent of the content that makes up this the ultimate release.

But the story shouldn’t end there. The love for this series is back. My hope is for Sony to not make us wait too long. Hopefully sales of this set–now sold out–tells the entertainment arm of this company we should have another film crafted as soon as possible! I’m not too keen for Ghostbusters: Ecto Force even though that may deliver in what Dan wanted when he first came up with the idea for this franchise.

Writing the ideal continuation takes time to come up with. Jason Reitman can’t present his first idea and expects everyone to like it. We know Winston Zeddemore’s plans. As for when the business will relaunch, that’s anybody’s guess. I bet 2024 is the magic number.

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