[Seattle, WA] Sandy’s ACE Comic Con Journal — Was it … ?

ACE Comic Con

By Sandy Sheehan

It seemed like forever for ACE Comic Con Seattle to arrive, but arrive it did. I drove from Spokane, Washington to this city on Friday morning, unaware that my VIP seat assignment was determined by my check-in time rather than by when I purchased the package or stood in line before the panel. It started on Thursday. Needless to say, I was much further back than I thought. VIP seating was also only good for two of the Marvel Entertainment panels.

I am no stranger to conventions and have been to a variety, from Creation Conventions (Star Trek: The Next Generation and more recently Supernatural), city-specific shows such as Mid South Con in Memphis (where I used to live) and more recently Lilac City Comicon (Spokane) and Anglicon (Seattle). I even went to things that would be hard pressed to be called conventions, such as answering phones for the Arkansas PBS station where Jon Pertwee (3rd Doctor from Doctor Who) spoke to the volunteers as well as Paul Darrow (Blake’s 7). ACE was by far the largest one I have attended.

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Marvel’s Agent Carter! A Mid-Season Review

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Agent Carter is proving to be the better of the two Marvel Entertainment products that’s on television. Not only does the show have a very strong and beautiful lead but also it is set in the 1940s, an era ripe for subterfuge and conspiracy. When World War II hit, just how any nations can survive meant being on top of technology. That is, whoever can invent the next modern marvel would hold the fate of the Earth in their hands. In Captain America, the First Avenger, that meant creating the super soldier.

In the television series, a secret group named Leviathan takes an interest in Howard Stark’s (Dominic Cooper) inventions. The U.S. Government fears that he may be selling out and is investigating him. But before he is scheduled to appear at another senate hearing, he disappears. British agent Peggy Carter is back at work with the Strategic Scientific Reserve following the events from the movie and before she knows it, Stark recruits her to help clear his name. He thinks that he’s being corralled and refuses to bow to pressure. Sadly that makes him a man on the run and any return appearances will be limited.

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