Landing on Shout! Factory’s Lap is Space: 1999 – Details on Blu-Ray Release

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Just when fans os Gerry and Sylvia Anderson‘s epic sci-fi series, Space: 1999 thought the 30th Anniversary Edition was enough, Shout! Factory is doing one better with their upcoming release, coming July 16, 2019.

Six new features will be added which looks at the past and future of this series. The Surround sound remix has me intrigued and I’m tempted to pick up the entire series all over again. For Blu-ray enthusiasts, this version will mean fewer discs to flip (there’s 13 versus 18) when compared to the original.

New interviews with director Kevin Connor, actors Barbara Bain and Nick Tate, and new audio commentaries will be in this set, and for those wanting a keepsake, a snow globe is included! It has the Eagle Transporter landing on the Moon and this set is available for pre-order now at The globe itself has a 4-inch circumference and sits on a 2-inch base.

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One Otaku’s Top Picks on Shout! Factory TV!

Shout Factory TV LogoShout! Factory’s foray into streaming television to fans worldwide with their service is going to get exciting. Launched last month, to figure out what’s worth watching just meant waiting. Sometimes fans of this distribution company’s releases are not sure if picking up a physical video release is worth it. Now the choice is made easier with this online service that is available to watch on all Internet capable devices, including Roku.

Shout Factory Cinderella

Classics like Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Nosferatu the Vampire and Where the Green Ants Dream are available. For people familiar with acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog‘s works, all sixteen of his films will soon be available to watch! The next batch is due to release March 16th.

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Shout Factory! Kids Shows Love for Gerry Anderson & Upcoming Releases

Shout Factory! Kids has a wonderful selection of products that is now or will soon be available for purchase. Many will tickle the funny bone of fans from different generations and tastes. The following is a selection that the staff of Otaku no Culture has eyed while browsing their online catalogue.

In what’s coming, perhaps the biggest news is for Gerry Anderson fans as his library of works is being redistributed. See for yourself what the upcoming couple of months will reveal:

The Gerry Anderson Collection - Stringray Anniversary EditionJan 13 – Stingray: The Complete Series [50th Anniversary Edition]

Fans of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Marionation will celebrate at the redistribution of the underwater adventure series Stingray. Stingray is the flagship of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (W.A.S.P.) and under the command of heroic Captain Troy Tempest they patrol beneath the world’s oceans protecting the human race from what evil lurks in its depths.

Shout! Factory took over the Anderson licence after the home release rights with A&E Home Video expired. Fans may find similar extras on this edition as on the A&E version minus the French end-credits sequence. Such an extra to someone wanting to relive television’s golden years may find this trivial. But to the Anderson collector they may have to go fishing in deeper waters for that A&E release and pay extra cash in the process.

My Little Pony TalesJan 27 – My Little Pony: The Movie [30th Anniversary]

Bronies and young fans can catch this 30th Anniversary release where the Ponys get ready to celebrate Spring. But when the evil Witch Hydia has other plans involving a hideous goo called Smooze, that may get ground to a halt! This movie features the voices of Danny DeVito, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Rhea Perlman, Tony Randall and many more.

This edition offers sing-along tracks for children.

The Cast of Thunderbirds are Go in 2015!

ThunderbirdsBy Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

… and I can not wait for this series to air. The style is going to be very different from the original, and I can accept that. There is a unique style charm that marionettes offer which made the classic series great. The storytelling was top-notch and there’s nothing like revisiting some fond ol’ memories.

In contrast, this new series will feature CGI animation and live-action sets. That’s a very curious mix. Who knows, maybe this style of presentation will work. No stills have been released yet as news of who will be voicing whom is the talk of the town in cyberspace.

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Wind up News – Sept 5, 2013

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Potter Summer Home To be Preserved

Beatrix Potter The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The house and grounds which is said to have inspired beloved British author Beatrix Potter to write The Tales of Peter Rabbit have been given Grade II listed status by the British Government.

‘Lingholm’ and it’s grounds in Portinscale, Cumbria will now be preserved. The Grade II listed status means “being of special architectural or historic interest” and will be protected against “unauthorised demolition, alteration or extension.”

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