One Otaku’s Top Picks on Shout! Factory TV!

Shout Factory TV LogoShout! Factory’s foray into streaming television to fans worldwide with their service is going to get exciting. Launched last month, to figure out what’s worth watching just meant waiting. Sometimes fans of this distribution company’s releases are not sure if picking up a physical video release is worth it. Now the choice is made easier with this online service that is available to watch on all Internet capable devices, including Roku.

Shout Factory Cinderella

Classics like Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, Nosferatu the Vampire and Where the Green Ants Dream are available. For people familiar with acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog‘s works, all sixteen of his films will soon be available to watch! The next batch is due to release March 16th.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that Kentucky Fried Movie by director John Landis is available to watch again without searching high and low for where a copy exists when the mood hits for this film. The DVD is hard to come by these days. This beloved classic from 1977 helped catapult many an actor to stardom, and it features a variety of skits that are loosely related. It lampoons many a movie. From crazy kung fu dramas to TV commercials, nothing is sacred here. Well, maybe the cameos featured are. Fans can relive fond classics like “Cleopatra Schwartz,” “Catholic High School Girls In Trouble,” and ”A Fistful Of Yen.”

Shout Factory Stingray

But to save the best for last, people not sure about picking up Gerry Anderson’s Stingray DVD set yet can sample this series with hand picked six special episodes to see what the life under the sea, as led by Captain Troy Tempest (commander of the world’s most technically advanced submarine) is like. Episodes like “Sea of Oil” or the pilot episode can be viewed.

But there’s even more to taste online if the mackerel is not to some folk’s liking. MST3K anyone?

Trailer for Shout! Factory’s TV service

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