New Frozen 2 Trailer Goes North!

Frozen 2 Movie PosterBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

The new teaser trailer for Frozen 2 is exciting for the majesty invoked, and in what it’s telling, Elsa (Idina Menzel) magical powers may have come from other supernatural sources. Or, as the Northern setting suggests, could she be of the faerie folk? I’m only guessing here, but this new offering released today gives fans a lot of reasons to be excited about this film when it plays in theatres in November.

She’s backed by her sister, Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf the snowman (Josh Gad) and Sven the reindeer in a quest to save the kingdom. This time, it’s not from human invaders, but rather supernatural ones. Together, they have to go north perhaps to discover her true nature and find out what granted her these powers. Or was she born with it?

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Putting Frozen: Breaking Boundaries into a Trade Paperback, A Review

Frozen: Breadking Boundaries
Available on AmazonFrozen: Breadking Boundaries

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Frozen: Breaking Boundaries shows that it’s possible to push past conventions, if not duty, to do what’s best for the people of Arendelle and neighbouring Vesterland. The trade paperback released late last month and can be ordered through your local comic book store or on AmazonFrozen: Breadking Boundaries.

When I was shut indoors, due to extremely frosty weather  (unusual for my hometown at this time of year), I was in the mood for something related to Disney’s Frozen franchise. When the teaser trailer for the sequel released last week did not say much for plot, I figured perhaps looking again at this joint publication by Dark Horse Comics and Disney might.

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Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is not so Chilly & Hints at Sequel

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is the opening act before PIXAR’s Coco, and unless you are a fan of this character, this 20 minute computer animated adventure is almost worth skipping — at least to arrive late at the theater. I can certainly understand why audiences in Mexico disliked it; including it made no sense in a country preparing for Día de Muertos. While the themes certainly connect, Christmas is certainly not in everyone’s mind much less Thanksgiving, which is a American holiday this long weekend.

At the same time, not everyone are fans of Josh Gad. He gets center stage in this story about discovering what festive traditions exist on the day before yuletide and before the bell rings. Anna and Elsa invited their entire kingdom to come celebrate, but instead they politely decline because they have their own to take care off since it’s the eve. Olaf is sad these young ladies do not have their own and embarks on a look at what the people of Arendelle are doing. The list is straight out of Christmas, from candy canes to holiday logs — minus Krampus (he’s further south). A few laughs exist to get younger children smiling.

The new musical numbers are good. The best, of course, is saved for last. The bits of story are said to help bridge entry to the cinematic sequel. As Elsa is finally comfortable with her powers, just what can threaten this kingdom will have to be big. Perhaps there may be an invasion. After all, a few bridges were burnt in the fallout from the last film. Not all the neighboring kingdoms are certain to remain all that friendly.

Winter’s Coming & Thaw Can Stay Frozen with Disney

By Otaku no Culture

Disney's Frozen Movie Poster

E: The fantastic world of Disney’s Princesses have grown to include one — no two classy ladies who are at the heart of this latest CGI outing. Frozen is a light-hearted dramatic musical which excels in entertaining the masses. I’ve seen the early trailers and I had my reservations with Olaf the snowman being the primary source of comedic relief. But for me, it’s Sven the reindeer who warmed my heart right away!

J: Yes, Disney gets to add two more princesses (okay, technically one is a queen) to their merchandising empire. Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) are thrust into premature power when their parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle meet with disaster. That leaves the sisters to rely on each other but Elsa becomes distant to prevent her sister from learning a secret that her parents successfully hid not only from the public but from Anna as well.

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Disney’s Frozen Full Movie Trailer Released & Analysis

The reindeer looks like the one who will really steal the show in the movie Frozen.

PosterLike a gentle snow flurry slowly making its way to cover the countryside, the full trailer for Disney’s Frozen finally arrives State-side (from the UK) to tell fans that this movie is coming November 27th, just in time for American Thanksgiving.

This full preview looks promising. It yields a few fantastic action sequences and a fairy-tale like adventure that will be sure to please audiences of all ages. Complete with the prerequisite second banana to provide the humour, at least some story formulas never change. This product is Disney after all. As for whether or not audiences will warm up to the idea or be icy, that will depend on the point of view.

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