Look Out! Chibi Godzilla Raids Again on YouTube!

Following the hit YouTube series Chibi Godzilla comes Chibi Godzilla Raids Again and he’s adorable!

Chibi Godzilla Raids Again Promotional PosterHere comes Godzilla, and he has a son. No, we’re not talking about Minya, but he might as well be the star in the short form series that’s freely available on YouTube. Chibi Godzilla Raids Again is a sequel of the other series released two years ago, and what’s different is that it’s set on Monster Island and instead of the short 30 seconds the prior series had, it’s roughly 2 minutes (minus the title sequences).

The first episode is available to view (see below) and like the past work, it’s a humorous take on the situation these creatures face while living in a human world. With this newest series, he’s back on Monster Island, and as for where the humans are, they might appear later on. In the debut episode, whom Chibi G meets is technically a mechanised version of himself, and the tête-à-tête they have is more of a setup than anything else. What’s presented is mostly stand up comedy, manzai style, and I’m wondering what will happen next!

It’s hard to really judge from a single episode, but for viewers wanting to get back up to speed on what this series is about, it’s best to start from the beginning.

Chibi Godzilla Raids Again Episode One

New episodes will be released every Monday (JST)

Animated Predictions Ahead of the 95th Annual Academy Awards

My predictions will be about the animated content that are nominated for the 95th Academy Awards, and afterwards, I’ll name my top three favourite feature films.

The Oscar Statue and the 95th Academy Awards Out of all the categories I’m interested in for the upcoming 95th Academy Awards, all I need to know is who’ll take home the statue in the category of animated shorts and films. Next is feature film only because the list will see a lot of top contenders–most of which I’ve seen–go head to head. I’m not only considering technical achievement but also the best performer in the package. And later tonight, I’ll find out if I’m even close to seeing my favourite works take home The Oscar.

When I’ve seen all these films than the handful when compared to previous years, what I offer are thoughts on who’ll make the top three out of the five or ten that’s been nominated in each:

Animated Shorts

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse Promo PosterThe Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse

The deeper symbolism nestled in an otherwise surreal narrative defines why this work must be one of the best. I enjoyed it because of the netherworld quality. But to know more, I recommend reading my review, since I’m finding it tough to say anything new without repeating myself.

The Flying SailorThe Flying Sailor

Like Puss and Boots: The Last Wish, a dreamy short takes the idea of asking, should we be afraid of Death? How can we confront it after being thrown by an explosion, and the only thoughts are, “am I going to survive the landing?” There’s more to this work, which my analysis and review covers. Between this piece and the next, they define the top two choices of which should win.

The Ostrich Told MeAn Ostrich Told Me the World Is Fake and I Think I Believe It

This stop-motion marvel wins because of its crazy meta moments. For example, there’s The LEGO Movie and The Matrix. That combination is a simple winner to me, after watching this work, I even have to question existence. And although we can’t penetrate past the veil of current reality, perhaps what’s out there is truly scary, indeed. The dialogue will leave you thinking about life, the universe, and everything, too!

Animated Films

Guillermo del Toro’s PinocchioGuillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

Del Toro can do no wrong in his retelling of a classic tale. It’s dark and enchanting. I don’t need to say anymore. And between this and him also executive producing the next work, this year may well see him needing to build a shed to house all those awards he has.

uss in Boots: The Last WishPuss in Boots: The Last Wish

The exuberance and challenge of facing death upfront is what makes this movie special. With this title, we can learn why the writers went the direction they did, and hopefully cheer for Puss as he regains a new set of “regenerations” (but not like in Doctor Who) to allow more stories to be told in his future. For a full review, please check out my original post.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes OnMarcel the Shell With Shoes On

I’d be very surprised if this work wins. There’s a simplicity in this film’s design to really tug at the heart, and you just have to read my review to understand why this movie rounds out my top three choices for taking home the Oscar.

Feature Films at the 95th Annual Academy Awards

To be fair, some people are watching just to find out if their favourite film will take the top spot for best all around. In the 95th Academy Awards Feature Film catagory are these top three choices.

A poster of two men standing by a sea shore with a dog lying between them. The tagline reads: "Everything was fine yesterday."The Banshees of Inisherin

When stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson are paired up to play two lifelong friends only to have it self-destruct, what’s not to like? We can learn from this film. Some of it will break your heart, given the lost friendships that happen to us all, but as for how we can all grow from it, that’s why this film deserves special mention.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

This wicked sci-fi family drama really breaks a lot of conventions, and Michelle Yeoh gives a performance of a lifetime when she plays herself, a character, a rock, and even more. Although it’s essentially about dysfunction, why this picture shines is that it too recognises the value of cinema and the choices we make. For spoilers, my movie review can be read here.

The FabelmansThe Fabelmans

After giving my review, some voters may well have to honour Stephen Spielberg. Even though they’re putting this work ahead of others, the film celebrates the early days of cinema from a perspective few rarely know about. To see how these early pioneers become the greats we respect now depends on how much of the real backstory you know.

That fictional version of Spielberg can also be the next Cecil DeMille or even D. W. Griffith (minus the rough spots). But after watching the mini-docs about the making of this work, it’s easy to know who this movie loves.

Germaine Arnattaujuq’s Beautiful Arctic Song at Spark! Animation Festival

Arctic Song not only shares Inuit knowledge in Inuktitut, but highlights the rich world of Inuit art that has always flourished in the Canadian Arctic.

Arctic Song PosterThe best approach to bring indigenous tales to life is to animate them. That way, all that colour and texture which we recognise from their art can flow along with the narrative. And when it concerns a region few have visited, Arctic Song is the perfect companion to warm those nights. It’s one of two works that’s playing at Spark! Animation Festival this weekend in Vancouver, BC.

Inuit artist, storyteller, and co-director Germaine Arnattaujuq (Arnaktauyok) recounts some wonderful creation myths, and there’s three in this short anthology work. There’s the raven who brings daylight to the world, the giants who turn into mountains, and the animals that create shimmering constellations and northern lights. Some of it reminds me about what I learned about the Australian aborigines and their Jukurrpa legends. Their lore also speaks of spirit animals helping to shape the mortal lands, but where they live is in a nether-realm that’s a hop and skip away.

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TheNFB’s has Zeb’s Spider World Premiere at VIFF! It Won’t String You Along.

Zeb’s Spider is playing this and the following weekend at The Rio Theatre (1660 E Broadway) in Vancouver, BC.

Zeb's SpiderZeb’s Spider isn’t so itsy bitsy, and this woman can give Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world from the animated movie, Luck, a run for her money. They both live in sub-basement apartments, and just have a lot of problems in life to face. This down-and-out individual is deathly afraid of arachnids, and as for what she does to the wall crawler is an entertaining variation of a cat and mouse tale.

This stop-motion animated short produced by the National Film Board of Canada is making its world debut at the 2022 Vancouver International Film Festival today, and has two screenings (please see below for details).

But before the eight legged wonder can be called friend, they must work out their issues. This human’s place is often riddled with other pestilence, and without this tiny wonder, her life might even take an even worse fate. What this short by Alicia Eisen and Sophie Jarvis offers is more than a fable. There are some insights to what defines some people, and scares others. Some might say encounters with the unknown can become a wake-up call.

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Tracking TheNFB’s Animated Slate Going in Competition in 2022

TheNFB will be presenting a bounty of filims at two upcoming events in Canada.

National Film Board of Canada LOGOThe National Film Board of Canada (TheNFB) selection at this year’s Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF), running Sept 22 to Oct 2, will feature audacious storytelling from around the world, across Canada and the North.

With a selection of six short films—four of which are in competition, including The Flying Sailor by renowned filmmakers Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis—and the world premiere of Theodore Ushev: Unseen Connections, a feature documentary, there’s plenty to take in at either event.

TheNFB will also be in attendance at the 2022 Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF). This event is devoted to animation in North America and will have many works showcased to show what the efforts of emerging talents can do. The OIAF will run from Sept 21 to 25.

Highlights of TheNFB’s selected programming include:

The Flying Sailor by Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis

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