It’s Been a Universal Week with The Fabelmans on Home Video

Watching this movie again before the Oscars reminds us of why we love going to the movies in The Fabelmans.

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Steven Speilburg’s The Fabelmans can be enjoyed on home video and before The Oscars! Even after the fourth watch, I feel this movie will earn more than one award, and it’s easy to see why. I’ve seen this on the big screen and small now, and honestly, I’d rather favour the former because of everything this film represents.

Not only can I relive the magic that defines seeing a movie on there, but also get to understand who Sammy (Gabriel LaBelle) is. In order to see him succeed as a filmmaker requires learning more than the facts of life. The movie hardly felt long. Modern art is as special as he learns about it.

To own this title in any format, be it DVD or 4K, brings you three bonus features. The first two don’t go into great depth regarding Spielberg’s relationships with his parents. At a scant 11 minutes, it broadly talks about his desire to turn his life story into a film, his Jewish upbringing and making this movie relatable. The second is about casting choices. And the third is about the production. What’s explored is recounted in several books about his life without the film in mind, but to witness it is different from reading.

The last one is excellent because we hear from the people he’s worked with time and time again. It’s fitting, given what the movie is about, and we learn a bit more about his relationship with Jon Williams. As a matter of fact, they are frequent collaborators and this piece hints at him slowing down. Thankfully, reports say he’ll remain as busy as ever, but as for how often we’ll hear his music magic, that’s subject to discussion.

The audio isn’t as encompassing as I thought it could be. In this case, much of it is pumped through the centre speaker, but when those bigger scenes do come into play, you feel like you’re part of a movie set. Whether you’re watching The Fabelmans again or the mini-docs, what’s offered here is a compact insight into the life and times of a man who loves the craft of making movies. 

4 Stars out of 5

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