Darkwing Duck, Dynamite Comics and Disney. What Can Go Wrong?

The danger that quacks in the night is back! And we look at the first two issues of Dynamite Comic’s Darkwing Duck.

Darkwing Duck #2 comic book coverThe difference between the various releases of Darkwing Duck in comic book form is in what aspect of Drake Mallard’s life should be the focus. The first take from Disney dealt with his heroics, Boom! Studios had longer narrative arcs in the same vein, and when licensing changed hands again to Joe Books (a lesser known company), I lost track. It’s easier to follow the animated series instead. The latest series by Dynamite Comics thankfully doesn’t try to acknowledge those past works as far as I know.

As much as I’d love to keep up with non canonical tales, sometimes all I need is one Duck, and one vision. He worked alone before making friends who becomes his sidekicks. Thankfully this latest honours the early spirit that defines the series. Here, we read about Mallard’s attempt to keep Gosalyn safe, and the only way is to hang up the cape. When he’s not present, she’s a magnet for trouble. Two issues in, to save her than other people are becoming too much.

To look at what’s changed over the years requires having all the various editions in front of me. Thankfully I got my hands on first two Kaboom trades during Fan Expo Vancouver. There’s not too much difference other than how one artist draws the characters over another. James Silvani is a lot more expressive. The latest features the talent of Carlo Lauro getting used to drawing Darkwing Duck the Disney way. There’s soft improvements leading up to the latest issue.

SDCC '22: Dynamite debuts DARKWING DUCK

The layout and action are no different from the toon. I’m enjoying it and my only real quibble is that I’m not finding enough character development in the pages offered in the first two issues. The ads that dominate the back pages trims the story down so a lot has to get crammed in those pages that matter. Writer Amanda Deibert manages to keep the stories simple and understands why being a Darkwing Duck is tough. She’s better known for her work on He-Man (Netflix). Hopefully there’ll be more in the later issues when promoting the upcoming titles aren’t a thing.

As a result, the tease about Dynamite reprinting the entire Marvel Comics run of Gargoyles as trade has me excited. It isn’t yet listed in Diamond’s Previews yet. As for the titles releasing in April, I’m not keen on further stories involving those lot. Instead, can we have a new Tailspin, Rescue Rangers or TRON?

Author: Ed Sum

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  1. Sadly, I’d prefer that Disney rehire Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani for this comic, or at least get Amanda to continue their storyline from the Boom!/Joe Books series, due to how many unresolved cliffhangers it ended with. (Not to mention, Sparrow was planning a DuckTales crossover, a Mickey Mouse team-up, AND a sequel to the Negaverse episode! I highly doubt we’ll ever get those stories now…)

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