The Terror and Colour Symbolism in Blue Book, From #1 to 3!

Five issues of Blue Book will be released prior to the trade paperback slated for late August 2023 release.

Blue Book #1 Published by Dark Horse ComicsDark Horse Comics isn’t all that famous when it comes to offering titles concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, but when they do, I’m all for it! Instead of titling it “Project” Blue Book, the simpler title is eye-catching not only in colour presentation but also narrative approach.

Here, creators James Tynion IV and Michael Avon Oeming give readers a look at a few well-known cases from UFO lore. The tale that kicks things off recounts the famous case of Betty and Barney Hill. They were the very first alien abductees, and recounting their narrative is the perfect choice! In later issues, we see how their lives have been affected. Betty can’t let the encounter go, and her inquiries set the tone for what’s still to come. Chapter three is the most telling, since the last one ended up in an abrupt note.

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The BPRD Omnibus is here, and Should We Fear Volume Two’s Coming Next Month?

Dark Horse Comics will be releasing three BPRD Omnibus collections featuring past adventures of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence (from the Hellboy universe)! Review of the first at:

BPRD OmnibusAvailable to purchase on Amazon USA

Not every reader of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy may be aware of how important the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence is. When Red isn’t out on his own, he’s also an agent of this organisation, and they’ve done a lot to help keep Earth safe. The BPRD Omnibus is a terrific book to see what else they’ve done throughout the run, if one considers the decades of books released like a living world ever expanding as new comic book series comes out.

Collectors and newcomers can also easily lose track on where each mini-series fits in. Thus, the BPRD Ominus is the tome to read rather than to go digging through comic book bins for what to examine for the night. I’m still taking my time reading this big 400-page compilation. It’s huge, and going through this book shouldn’t be rushed. The work put into this collection has a lot of material to appreciate. Since it focuses on all the field agents, we’re not going to be seeing Hellboy all the time.

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Black’s Myth Gets a Series Two and TP News

Black's Myth #1 - Comics by comiXologyAvailable to order on Amazon USA
Release Date: Februrary 15th 

Ahead of the trade paperback release of the acclaimed Black Myth graphic novel by writer Eric Palicki (Atlantis Wasn’t Built For Tourists) and artist Wendell Cavalcanti (BlackAcre), Syracuse-based comic publisher Ahoy Comics has announced that the creative team, including star cover artist Liana Kangas (Trve Kvlt, Star Wars Adventures, She Said Destroy, BLACK AF: Devil’s Dye), will return for an all new series, to be released later this year.

The acclaimed, punk rock horror comic follows the adventures of werewolf PI Janie Jones “Strummer” Mercado and her charming djinn assistant Ben Si’lat as they solve crimes in the “supernatural underground” thriving in Los Angeles. 

The collected trade paperback will feature an introduction by CHEW co-creator, writer John Layman. In this volume, when the case of a lifetime falls into Strummer’s lap, it’s up to her and her charming djinn assistant Ben Si’lat to figure out just how many silver bullets have been used. (And just where do silver bullets come from, anyway?)

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Hellboy! Where to Begin, What to Read with the 2021 Universe Essentials Collection…

The HELLBOY UNIVERSE ESSENTIALS line debuts in July 2021 with HELLBOY UNIVERSE ESSENTIALS: HELLBOY. Priced at $14.99, the trade paperback will collect these iconic stories: The Chained Coffin, The Third Wish, Pancakes, The Nature of the Beast, The Corpse, The Baba Yaga, A Christmas Underground, The Ghoul, and The Troll Witch.

HellboyDon’t know where to begin with Dark Horse Comics’ seminal mascot? The stories from the Hellboy Universe are some of the most celebrated and beloved in comics fandom. Blending folklore, horror, mythology, action, and adventure, legendary creator Mike Mignola and a host of celebrated writers and artists have chronicled the adventures of Hellboy, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, Lobster Johnson, and Sir Edward Grey for more than two decades. Beginning in 2021, Dark Horse Books will publish four volumes of essential Hellboy Universe stories, all selected by Mike Mignola, each featuring all new covers by him and award-winning colorist Dave Stewart.

“In some cases—B.P.R.D. and Witchfinder—it was pretty easy to select the one “essential” book,” said Mignola. “Hellboy was more complicated, as there is so much ground to cover. In the end we chose to go with a collection of short stories rather than a single graphic novel, to give more of an overview of the character. We chose certain stories that say important things about his background, but also some that just show what he does and how he does it. A couple of stories are in there just because they are my favorites.”

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Dark Horse Comics is Showing The Incredibles Aren’t Resting…

HellboyWant more adventures of The Incredibles? Dark Horse Comics is here to the rescue, so to speak! Writer Christos Gage, artist Jean Claudio Vinci and colourist Dan Jackson is continuing the adventures of this family with Disney/PIXAR The Incredibles 2: Slow Burn.

Dash is known for one thing: Speed. From fighting evil to eating breakfast, Dash doesn’t do slow, no matter what. However, when a new villain named Slow Burn arrives on the scene, Dash must learn, and quickly, how to adapt to life at a slower pace. And luckily for him, his family is here to help!

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