Putting Frozen: Breaking Boundaries into a Trade Paperback, A Review

Frozen: Breadking Boundaries
Available on AmazonFrozen: Breadking Boundaries

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Frozen: Breaking Boundaries shows that it’s possible to push past conventions, if not duty, to do what’s best for the people of Arendelle and neighbouring Vesterland. The trade paperback released late last month and can be ordered through your local comic book store or on AmazonFrozen: Breadking Boundaries.

When I was shut indoors, due to extremely frosty weather  (unusual for my hometown at this time of year), I was in the mood for something related to Disney’s Frozen franchise. When the teaser trailer for the sequel released last week did not say much for plot, I figured perhaps looking again at this joint publication by Dark Horse Comics and Disney might.

Here, life in Elsa and Anna’s beloved kingdom is simple. Not much excitement happens these days, but when a deer runs amok one night, the two have to deal with this momentary chaos. A neighbouring kingdom wishes to have relations with Arendelle but when this kingdom’s forests are being cut down for no discernable reason, eyes are everywhere trying to solve a mystery.

Anna makes a new friend, Mari, and these two are kindred spirits. The development in Carmagna’s narrative reflects this fact and this new friend might appear in the film. The cast credits show two new characters will appear. Just who they are is anyone’s guess. The tale does, however, set up one obvious note. If all the nearby kingdoms are to foster goodwill, allies than enemies must be made. In a smaller level, Anna and Mari teach their kingdom’s citizens how it best to work together than apart.

In what’s known about the sequel is that the merry team of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff are back. Hans was banished from the kingdom, and it’s a safe bet he will make trouble for the team. The Duke of Weselton was a diplomat to negotiate relations with and he did warn of problems he if could not stay. This comic book shows what’s possible, and thankfully everything is merry by the end. I would love to see one more side-story before the sequel arrives in theatres November 22, 2019.

Author: Ed Sum

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