Look Back: 2017 Victoria Japanese Cultural Fair

James Shaw looking CatishBy James Robert Shaw
(The Wind up Geek)

If there is at least one thing I have in common with author Nancy Singleton Hachisu, 7th dan kyoshi of Kendo Alexander C. Bennett and media mogul Dave Spector, it is sharing their love of all things Japanese. One could call us Japanophiles. But in the end, we all can manage to hold independent critical thoughts on issues pertaining to the country we love.

At Victoria Nikkei Cultural Society’s Japanese Cultural Fair, someone can become a Japanophile very quickly in the space of a single day. This annual event has been hosted for some time now by the Esquimalt Recreation Centre, a fitting place for any festival or convention starting out. But from what I have seen, this centre may have issues with crowd control in the future because of the large the number of attendees I saw come through.

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A Nerdy Christmas Shoppers Guide to Victoria, BC

This Nerdy Christmas Shoppers Guide is old, but updated to reflect moves and has a special page that’s even more updated.

Nerdy Christmas Shoppers GuideDecember is upon us and holiday shopping is in the air! Twelve days remain to find that special item for the nerd in the family and what I offer is a Nerdy Christmas Shoppers Guide to Victoria, BC. (updated Dec 2022).

This guide is not restricted to the season either. Everyone has a birthday, and if that collector must have more FUNKO Pop figures for that collection, going to EB Games is not the definitive place to be. Operations like Toys R’ Us and Walmart have their place for finding toys and current movie tie-in products, but let’s consider the local operations before going corporate.

For any other outlet that’s not listed, please submit by commenting and this guide will be updated and made its own permenant page, a Nerd’s Guide to Shopping on Vancouver Island, after the new year.



Cherry Bomb Toys

Used Comics, Vinyl Records, Videos (anime), LEGO, Toys (Barbie, Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joe & Many More!)

1410 Broad Street
(250) 385-8697

This operation specializes in carrying a diverse range of product for everyone of all ages. From products for young girls, like Barbie, to collectible products (like original packaging G.I. Joe), if you name it, it might be hiding here!

Curious Comics

Comic Supplies, Comics, FUNKO Pop!, Graphic Novels,
Illustration Books, Models, T-shirts, Toys

631 Johnson Street (Victoria-location)
(250) 384-1656

844 Goldstream Avenue (Langford location)
(250) 592-1656

3200 Unit 6 Island Highway (Nanaimo BC location)
(250) 756-2157

With three locations to serve most of Vancouver Island, Curious Comics makes up the heart of Nerd Row in Victoria, BC. Stepping in here is a paradise of goodies. From CGC certified comics to Walking Dead merchandise, a lot of nerd culture franchised out properties can be found here.

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Finding Family Ties with Game Cycle

Game Stop 1
Otaku no Culture’s James
Shaw is always on the hunt
for something to buy.

Ontario-based operation Game Cycle has traveled west, as far west as it can, to give sailors and Esquimalt residents an outlet to buy, sell and trade videogames and movies. This store has been in operation for over a year now, and it’s an independent extension of the Ontario run business. And according to regional manager Justin Hembree, the traffic from the local community has been good.

“We get a lot of regulars through, a lot of locals,” says Hembree, “and the military comes in.”

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