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Highlights from Last Weekend’s UFO Full Disclosure Symposium 2022

1 Jun

UFO Full Disclosure SymposiumAnyone following the US Congress open briefing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon may well have booked a flight to attend the UFO Full Disclosure Symposium to keep the momentum going. This event took place at Vernal, Utah on May 27-29th, and it offers breakdowns on the recent videos disclosed to the public.

People are less sceptical these days. Instead, it’s about why more witness accounts are happening. If observers can gather enough concrete data before the craft disappears into the Aether, then they can see if the information is proof positive of alien visitation. The best pop culture comparison in how we want to handle first contact is with how the crew of the USS Enterprise handles it. From the bridge, the team can scan other spaceships with its vast array of sensors. And if the crew has a Betazoid, even better! They can recognise the intent of the “Encounter at Farpoint.”

During the weekend, the speakers were offering more than an examination of four newly released close encounters of the second kind. Three are given the label “Apache,” “Rubber Duck” and “A10 Warthog.” Unofficially, the speakers identified another piece as La Llorona, named after the Hispanic spectre!

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A Halloween Guide to Ancient Aliens

31 Oct

null 37By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Usually Ancient Aliens and the supernatural (ghost busting) do not go hand in hand. When they do, it’s mostly about parallel universes, how entities can travel about interdimensionally (wormhole travel), or why certain classes of angels and demons are actually aliens in disguise. However far-fetched the hypotheses are, they are just that until proven by some grandiose revelation that convinces everyone to believe. That means that the entity is tired of hiding and has finally revealed him or herself to the world.

In this age of the Internet, the alternative is to find overwhelming testimonies from many witnesses of varying occupations to say, “oh my gosh, this (fill in the blank) is real.”

This program is going on 15 seasons strong and it’s showing no signs of stopping. It may slow down as it’s running out of ideas, but for Halloween time, I thought it’d be fun to glance back at those episodes that truly have a paranormal theme. This list is better than the generic marathon that’s offered every year.

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