Highlights from Last Weekend’s UFO Full Disclosure Symposium 2022

Anyone following the US Congress open briefing on unidentified aerial phenomenon may well have booked a flight to attend The UFO Full Disclosure Symposium next.

UFO Full Disclosure SymposiumAnyone following the US Congress open briefing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon may well have booked a flight to attend the UFO Full Disclosure Symposium to keep the momentum going. This event took place at Vernal, Utah on May 27-29th, and it offers breakdowns on the recent videos disclosed to the public.

People are less sceptical these days. Instead, it’s about why more witness accounts are happening. If observers can gather enough concrete data before the craft disappears into the Aether, then they can see if the information is proof positive of alien visitation. The best pop culture comparison in how we want to handle first contact is with how the crew of the USS Enterprise handles it. From the bridge, the team can scan other spaceships with its vast array of sensors. And if the crew has a Betazoid, even better! They can recognise the intent of the “Encounter at Farpoint.”

During the weekend, the speakers were offering more than an examination of four newly released close encounters of the second kind. Three are given the label “Apache,” “Rubber Duck” and “A10 Warthog.” Unofficially, the speakers identified another piece as La Llorona, named after the Hispanic spectre!

These days, FLIR cameras are used and any video filmed in 4k is still considered top secret. What’s released to the public are VHS/DVD quality video.

The panels were also streamed to the Internet for those unable to attend. I suspect we may see portions in upcoming episodes of Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch and Ancient Aliens. These new videos are fascinating. They show UAPs appearing in places where they shouldn’t, and making manoeuvres not even drones can emulate.

UAH scientists brave curses, spooky anomalies to unravel secrets at  Skinwalker Ranch

Dr. Travis Taylor (pictured left), Harvard Professor Avi Loeb and Pepperdine Professor Paul Hynek attended this event as Keynote Speakers for the UFO Full Disclosure Symposium. Other names included Carl the Crusher, Michael Boyd, Jim Saigos, and Micah Hanks (to name a few). It’s good that this event includes bits from the paranormal pop culture end of the spectrum, but even the wary may find the sponsorship by Blind Frog Ranch curious. The television drama of the same name is even more criticised when compared to Ancient Aliens, but with Taylor involved, I had to video stream the conference.

The Friday night talk by the boys from Blind Frog about their experiences suggests that unless you’ve seen the episode, their UFO encounters are far-fetched. Unless people know the area’s legends, it’s tough to take what happens there for granted. Alternatively, Skinwalker is steeped in history; The native legends attached to this region are scary.

UAP Footage Captured By A US Army Helicopter Has Just Been Released

On the second day, attendees were presented with a lot of discourse. The quick takeaways included an introduction on why UAPs are studied from a technical standpoint. Its association with the entertainment industry was the highlight for me. Allen Hynek is a name not everyone knows. He was a consultant during the making of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and his son spent more time explaining how Hollywood loves him. What he said is a wonderful tribute and I thought his lecture was a solid sell to make me interested in watching Project Blue Book. This History channel show based on his father’s “adventures” is on Amazon Prime.

One detail not brought up is what if these ships are hyper-dimensional crafts? It might have been discussed on the Sunday panels, but I missed them as I had a lot of other projects coming due for the end of last month to finish.

Since the ships defy known human laws of physics, could it be possible they’re using new types of propulsion? Or might the craft itself be composed of unstable molecules? I have a new theory: Some of these UAPS are sentient clusters of energy than actual spaceships sent to observe other worlds. It’d be arrogant to assume technology can only be made by one form of matter. If tachyonic particles are real, then I’d argue they’re used for more than just propulsion.

Buy Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure - Microsoft Store  en-CA

If we’re to believe the entities behind piloting the UAPs are testing humanity by randomly popping up on various sensors and challenging the observers about why they’re here, then they’ve got our attention. We are asking the questions, and yet, still can’t figure out the meaning behind crop circles. We’re still invested in why they are appearing before our very eyes and are allowing themselves to be captured on sensor equipment.

The UFO Full Disclosure Symposium concluded with the screening of Above Top Secret: The Technology Behind Disclosure (available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Prime). After giving this lengthy film a quick view, I’d say it doesn’t provide a lot of answers either. As for the event, I thought it was satisfying to sate people like me, a pop culture enthusiast with paranormal interests.

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