From Volcanic UFOs to Crop Circle Realities…

It is rare to get a work that goes beyond all the what ifs and conjectures found in History Channel’s many shows on this topic.

Volcanic UFO Mysteries (2021) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDbBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

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Anyone who thinks they’ve run out of Ancient Aliens to watch can easily hit streaming services to get their dose of UFOs until the little green men finally land. This History Channel program is no stranger to Hollow Earth theories, and the fact that there are also unidentified submerged objects (USOs) doesn’t mean they are treading water. But to understand the types that enter volcanoes require watching Volcanic UFO Mysteries by Stephen Bassett and Darcy Weir

The latter has been prolific of late with documentaries on this subject, and he’s the mind behind Crop Circle Realities. To really cover the gambit of both subtopics means covering where else these unidentified or landmarks appear in. 

With Volcanic UFO, the focus is on Central America, where the most of the activity happens. We’re still treated to low resolution videos and shaky cam because trying to film these spaceships up close is next to impossible. Sometimes, the witnesses do not have the best technology available to them, and any videographer will tell you that the more they try to zoom in from a distance, the more jitter occurs unless the camera is mounted on a tripod.

Bassett is a self-proclaimed expert on UFO lore. He’s also an information lobbyist, trying to get Capitol Hill to lift the embargo on the data they gathered about all alien visitations. The Pentagon declassified some documents, but there’s still more. For Jaime Maussan living in Latin America, digging into the truth for over 40 years is still a struggle.

This documentary doesn’t answer the questions that I literally want to dig into. I’m particularly curious if the aliens are using these volcanoes as a shortcut to travel from one side of the world to another. Or could there be colonies existing deep in an Inner Earth?

A request to interview the filmmakers as one UFO enthusiast to another was met with silence. They may be simply cautious in not offering any ideas of their own because their work is the same way. Or they won’t talk to every media outlet or blogger who is just as interested in the topic. Unlike Erich von Däniken who is very outspoken, Bassett and Weir, in contrast, rather have the video speak for itself.

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