From Volcanic UFOs to Crop Circle Realities…

3 Apr

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Darcy is more invested in Crop Circle Realities as it offers a few thoughts not commonly thought of. He maintains a low-fi approach to putting together the segments making up this documentary and it has a lot more thought-provoking moments in its presentation. This piece features lectures and lengthy interviews with researchers (and television personalities, namely José Jaime Maussan Flota) to say something about its history and where the world is at now for trying to decipher a different kind of DaVinci Code.

Perhaps the best well known recording is with the circle found at Beacon Hill at Oliver’s Castle North of Devizes. The only surviving clip of its creation is still hard to debunk.

The theory to which I can believe is the idea of the circles encoded with information for humanity to decipher. I would not be surprised to learn that the disc shaped ones are like hard drives. Each stalk of bent wheat may well represent a byte of data. These days, most storage is contained on solid state drives, which are basically microchips. Instead of circular formations, we have circuit board-like designs-seen in later parts of this documentary-to which may be a hint of what our science has to design in order to read the previously etched patterns on land. It’s safe to assume that previous circles have been photographed. As for still existing, some have simply been regrown over.

It’s funny the creators of the circles didn’t consider the fact humanity doesn’t have the proper means to interpret these formations. But it’s rare to get a work that goes beyond all the what ifs and conjectures found in History Channel’s many shows on this topic.

Flota is an ufologist and journalist who is really passionate about Ufology. When considering his country as a hotbed of activity, I’m glad there’s a television personality who is truly invested instead of answering to the demands of his bosses (or even the military attempting to hide secrets). The documentary is an excellent reminder and primer of what we currently know, and in what shines is Jose’s attempt to answer the questions we all have. He’s Mexico’s version of von Däniken, and we all love him for it.

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