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The Vintage Tempest’s Top Five CGI Films of 2014

30 Dec

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Plenty of computer animated films have graced 2014 around the world. From Asterix: The Land of the Gods to Postman Pat and even Tinkerbell & The Legend of the Never Beast, not everything will make the grade of being wildly successful. Some of these titles were direct-to-video releases and others saw a limited distribution. But when fans of this new cartoon animation medium are going to be picky, they will find certain animations will properly tug at the heart-strings and others will appeal to an all-ages crowd. There’s even a few that some will miss because it never made a North American Release until now. From an international perspective, presented are the top five films that are notable in no particular order:

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Superman Coins Are Designed to Impress than to Speculate

4 Sep

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Superman 1932

If last year’s 75th anniversary celebration by the Royal Canadian Mint of Superman as an iconic hero where one of his creators hailed from Canada is not enough, then this year’s unveiling of four new coins proves that even up north, we still love him like he is our own son. After all, Krypton is gone, America is his adopted home, and the world is his oyster. Just what else can he do?

Apparently the folks at the Mint decided to continue his legacy! The new coins are using art to promote the years he was best recognized: 1938 (when he first appeared), 1972 (to honour Action Comics #419), 2001 (as an acknowledgement of The Adventures of Superman #596 issue, printed that year) and 2012 (in recognition of the new 52 universe). Depending on when a new reader discovered Superman, he or she may opt for a single coin to display on the mantle to show when that person’s age of discovery began. Several decades are missed, but so what? The comic book covers chosen are meant to highlight a part of Supe’s legacy.

And thankfully, the Mint is not making the same mistake that DC Comics blundered into in 1992 by the over-printing of a product, resulting in the decline of comic book speculating. There’s hardly any redeemable value to any of the the bagged editions of Superman #75.

Superman Gold

Three of the new coins are minted in silver, with face values of $10, $15 and $20 and the fourth in gold with a face value of $100. The mint is only producing 10,000 of each silver coin, and the gold coin is limited to a run of 2,000 world-wide.

Just like last year, comic and coin collectors will have to seek out the Man of Steel fast before his memorabilia flies away! The love for collectible products may not continue for another year … or can it with a film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on the way?


[Victoria Fringe Festival ’14] This Oni is For You! A Review

28 Aug

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Mochinosha Puppet Company
Written/Created by: Seri Yanai

In Japanese folklore, the Oni are demons from Buddhist tradition who have become part of popular imagination in media and it’s an apt name for the play featuring them at the Victoria Fringe Festival. More often than not, these supernatural creatures are not necessarily evil. Instead, they are simply seen as wild and uncontrolled elemental forces who have no love for mortals. When these humans come to them to beg for favours, that’s when the tale of Issun-bōshi emerges — to which this play creates much of the narrative from.

The literal translation is One Inch Boy. A better translation is The One Inch High Samurai.

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[Victoria Fringe Festival ’14] Hot Patootie! Roller Derby Saved My Soul, A Review

28 Aug

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Roller Derby Saved My SoulBroken Turtle Productions
Written/Created by: Nancy Kenny

Oh god bless Rock n’ Roll, the New Wave Punk movement and Disco. The soundtrack used in Nancy Kenny‘s show, Roller Derby Saved My Soul, will no doubt get some music lovers dancing. This performance has coasted all the way from debuting in Ottawa before going to Montreal and later into Calgary before arriving in Victoria as part of a huge Fringe tour to not only bring awareness of what participating in the Fringe is like but also spotlight her talent as a physical comedienne and tough-as-nail’s performer.

Technically, there’s no pattern about what kind of route Kenny’s taking, since she will be hitting Vancouver next. But if you get a chance to see this roving comedy, the price of admission is worth paying for just to see how she brings all the female pop culture icons from the past 6 decades and distills what being a hero is for all time.

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[Victoria Fringe Festival ’14] The Rise of Basement Boy as a Hero? A Review

26 Aug

The Rise of Basement Boy PosterPresented by ShaneBob Productions
Directed by Shane Campbell and Markus Spodzieja

In homage to many a geek or nerd who can relate, a free slice of a cheese pizza is going to be offered at every performance of The Rise of Basement Boy. When two buddies are seen playing Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy role-playing game, before even the show starts, some people may well wonder what will transpire in this comedy musical? If they read the synopsis, Archibald Clarkson (Markus Spodzieja) has to brave leaving the basement in order to be with his first true love or face losing her forever. When he spends most of his time sheltered away from reality along with Clarence, his Grandpa, (Francis Melling), who also struggles with his own demons, the only person they share a camaraderie with is with Bart (Jenson Kerr), a buddy who comes over to play with them.

But when Archie answers the door in order to receive their daily influx of pizza that’ll make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hungry, just who he meets is not their regular delivery person. Instead of the guy who has been ripping them off for years, he meets Candy (Hayley McCurdy), who happens to be the girl of his dreams. To see Clarkson flabbergasted is not without some chuckles and to witness Bart act jealous gets the plot in motion.

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