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[Victoria Fringe Festival ’14] The Rise of Basement Boy as a Hero? A Review

26 Aug

The Rise of Basement Boy PosterPresented by ShaneBob Productions
Directed by Shane Campbell and Markus Spodzieja

In homage to many a geek or nerd who can relate, a free slice of a cheese pizza is going to be offered at every performance of The Rise of Basement Boy. When two buddies are seen playing Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy role-playing game, before even the show starts, some people may well wonder what will transpire in this comedy musical? If they read the synopsis, Archibald Clarkson (Markus Spodzieja) has to brave leaving the basement in order to be with his first true love or face losing her forever. When he spends most of his time sheltered away from reality along with Clarence, his Grandpa, (Francis Melling), who also struggles with his own demons, the only person they share a camaraderie with is with Bart (Jenson Kerr), a buddy who comes over to play with them.

But when Archie answers the door in order to receive their daily influx of pizza that’ll make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hungry, just who he meets is not their regular delivery person. Instead of the guy who has been ripping them off for years, he meets Candy (Hayley McCurdy), who happens to be the girl of his dreams. To see Clarkson flabbergasted is not without some chuckles and to witness Bart act jealous gets the plot in motion.

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