13 Fun Horror Musicals to Mortify With During Any Halloween!

Although the number of products can fit into the palm of Frankenstein’s hand, this list of horror musicals is being expanded out to include television products that are worth rocking out to.

Phantom of the Paradise

Brian de Palma crafted this Faustian rock opera that fuses more than a few concepts from Phantom of the Opera into a Picture of Dorian Gray style narrative. Beauty comes at a price and the blood pacts made are more than just binding. It eats away at one’s soul. The music is very rock n’ roll, but there are times where it hits the glam rock stylings of the 70’s.

“For the Hell of It” is a really enjoyable tune to hear even now. And if fans love glam rock, this movie makes a loving stab at KISS with their own heavy metal band parading around like rejects from a science experiment. The humour is understated even now and it’s worth owning just for the hilarity of the fact that de Palma crafted this product.

Author: Ed Sum

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