13 Fun Horror Musicals to Mortify With During Any Halloween!

Although the number of products can fit into the palm of Frankenstein’s hand, this list of horror musicals is being expanded out to include television products that are worth rocking out to.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
“Once More With Feeling”

Just how Joss Whedon managed to twist the conventions of the musical genre around in this season six episode is nothing but genius. Television musicals are hardly memorable until this episode came along. Even afterwards, the new stuff never did hit the same levels.
When Buffy and her Scooby gang find themselves singing and dancing out their feelings and are clueless as to why, the hilarity is noticeable.

The episode is like a tribute of all the popular musicals of the past several decades compressed into 45 minutes. The variety perhaps start from the Jazz Singer (the 20’s) to end with Urinetown (2001). Many of the performers in the television series are surprisingly good. None of them may have had the theatrical experience that Anthony Stewart Head or James Marsters had, and to see either sing gives their story an entirely different sense of gravitas that is not typically seen in their roles.

The strongest numbers has to be with “Going Through the Motions” and “Walk Through the Fire” because they set the tone for the actions to come. Because of the revelations, the gang’s relationships have inevitably changed. Some for the better, but others for the worst. Whichever case it may be, fans are in for a treat because this episode makes for a great launching point to reacquaint themselves with all things Buffy.

Author: Ed Sum

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