13 Fun Horror Musicals to Mortify With During Any Halloween!

Although the number of products can fit into the palm of Frankenstein’s hand, this list of horror musicals is being expanded out to include television products that are worth rocking out to.

Repo! The Genetic Opera

This cyberpunk cum necro fantasy product is a strange one to watch. Ever since it evolved from a stage play to a full-blown movie, maybe there was something lost in the translation that did not help the latter attain the recognition it deserves. Terrance Zdunich is a renaissance man, and his ideas are certainly worth paying attention to. He’s a 21st century answer to Clive Barker for being a visionary, and sadly, not a lot of people have taken notice of his works.

Repo! works because of its comic book style presentation. It’s a treat because of the songs “Zydrate Anatomy” and “Chromaggia.” One is a very traditional heavy metal style song and the other is operatic. Both tracks have a very edgy soul that’s itching to break out.

And besides, there’s no denying Anthony Stewart Head is a talent. Not many fans of his works are aware he played Frank n’ Furter in the 1990–91 London West End revival of The Rocky Horror Show, and to see him sing is amazing. Although this movie does not quite work with nearly every moment detailed in song, it’s worthy of being noted for the criticisms it makes towards consumer culture.

Author: Ed Sum

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