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(Updating) Victoria Fringe Festival 2017 Review Recap!

29 Aug


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The 31st Annual Victoria Fringe Festival is upon us and reached the mid-way point. New shows are coming and they will be previewed tonight at the Metro Studio 10pm.

In what I saw over the past couple of days, I’m offering an index of the reviews to which I have published on Otaku’s sister blog, Two Hungry Blokes, instead of copying the content over. If any of them sound interesting, most of these shows are touring and will soon hit a local Fringe Theatre Festival near you. Please check your local arts bulletin for the nearest city and dates.

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[Victoria Fringe Festival ’16] Does Not Play Well With Others Deftly Explores The Price of Celebrity

31 Aug

Metro Studio Theatre
1411 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC

Thu Sept 1 – 6:30pm
Sat Sept 3 – 6:45pm

Continues at the 2016 Vancouver Fringe Festival beginning September 9 at the Revue Stage.

After watching the documentary I am Big Bird, I felt more than prepared for the Fringe theatre performance of Does Not Play Well With Others. Both products look at children’s entertainment from different perspectives. The former was more of a biography about Caroll Spinney. All the trails, tribulations and experiences he went through to be Big Bird is nicely explored. The Fringe show looks at the trials and tribulations of two puppeteers, played by Adam Francis Proulx and Kira Hall, who are the creative minds behind lovable Oomph and Bae.

I wished these two puppeteers’ names were mentioned more than once for me to make note of. Not like it really matters, since this tale can apply to any disgruntled union worker, but I wanted some extra detail to make this story more specific than general. For now, I will use these performer’s real names.

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[Vancouver Fringe Festival ’15] One Otaku’s Pick: Kiss Around Pass Around, A Review

14 Sep

Revue Stage
at Granville Island
1601 Johnston St.
Vancouver, BC

Thurs, Sep 17 6:45 pm
Sat, Sep 196:30 pm
Sun, Sep 203:40 pm

One part Banana Splits, two parts Japanese Folklore and three parts variety show make for a very quirky show called Kiss Around Pass Around. Yanomi Shoshinz (better known as Miss Hiccup back in Victoria Fringe Festival 2010 and 2012) created this act which blends a lot of traditions into a kaleidoscope of fun. But just what is a Kesaran Pasaran? Not many Fringe show attendees will want to research this name prior to or after seeing this production during the Vancouver Fringe Festival. As this event hits mid-way, perhaps its time to demystify this creature.

According to one online source, it’s the name of a spirit of good fortune. It’s essentially a white ball of fluff that’s evolved from a plant. When the material flies around like the white parts of a dandelion after a strong gust of wind, the joy it brings is often a delight to anyone running through a field of them. That’s what this show is like.

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[Vancouver Fringe Festival ’15] Ed’s Nerdy Picks

9 Sep

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Victoria Fringe goers need not stop with the fun of enjoying independent theatre when considering the Vancouver event starts tomorrow. Just what this mainland show offers are more acts and plenty of eateries mostly taking place on or near Granville Island. Will I be there? Only time will tell if I can get past the daze of the last few days of summer and quickly access what funds I have left to plan for a weekend stay.

The geek in me is screaming to go see certain shows. They must be checked out! Here are my picks for fellow nerds to enjoy during the Vancouver Fringe Festival.


Alone in the Universe

After being launched into space to find the meaning of existence, Adam Pateman is forced to do a sketch comedy and stand-up show to save the entire universe from being destroyed!

1411 Cartwright Street

Thurs, Sep 10 8:00 pm
Fri, Sep 11 5:00 pm
Sat, Sep 12 10:45 pm
Sun, Sep 13 6:45 pm
Tues, Sep 15 6:00 pm
Fri, Sep 18 7:00 pm
Sat, Sep 19 10:30 pm

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[Victoria Fringe Festival ’15] Tracking the Birdmann’s Flight to Vancouver Fringe, A Review

6 Sep


Performance Works
1218 Cartwright St.
Vancouver, BC

Sep 11 | 10:40 pm
Sep 12 | 4:30 pm
Sep 13 | 12:10 pm
Sep 14 | 6:55 pm
Sep 17 | 8:30 pm
Sep 19 | 7:25 pm

DURATION: 50 minutes

The nose knows that even on the last day of this act’s performance at the Victoria Fringe Festival, The Birdmann in Momentous Timing must not be missed. If he has flown the coup in one city, at least his show can be found at the next stop. In this festival circuit’s case, that’s Vancouver Fringe Festival, in British Columbia! This product is certainly offbeat, blending a variety of stage shows — balancing acts, dance, magic tricks and standup — into one show. A few bits felt unneeded (like the lacklustre transmogrifying box of tricks) and others more compelling, like being able to juggle plastic bags. If there’s a metaphor behind an ironing board and a clothes iron, no one is telling about what it is.

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