2017 Vancouver Fringe Festival Interstellar Elder, A Review

12 Sep

interstellar elder 10 snafu photo by laura dittmann e1505203814827

Waterfront Theatre
1412 Cartwright St
Vancouver, BC

Wed, Sept 13 — 5:00pm
Thu, Sept 14 — 10:30pm
Fri, Sept 15 — 6:40pm
Sat, Sept 16 — 12:30pm
Sun, Sept 17 — 5:15pm

The Vancouver Fringe Festival is in full swing and one show I heartily recommend is SNAFU Dance Theatre‘s Interstellar Elder. This physical performance comedy has been touring the Canadian Fringe scene and I have hopes for it to continue touring in the States next. The joy needs to spread, much like how anyone can trace the International Space Station across the night sky from anywhere around the world. This presentation brings moments from PIXAR’s Wall*E to life and the pathos from the movie Passengers into a live show. Kitt (Ingrid Hansen) is the spaceship’s “sleep custodian” and she is a geriatric which adds to the irony of who is taking care of whom. Is it the spaceship or her? She did not wake up by accident.

Somebody has to maintain the systems of this cryogenic spaceship waiting for the Earth to become habitable again. Sort of like the computer animated film, humanity made a mess of things; centuries will have to pass before the planet can be repopulated. At least thirty human generations will have to pass and to see how Kitt deals with this fact drives this show. At the same time, she also carries on as best she can and weighs in on the consequences of waking up a fellow passenger to take the loneliness away.

To do so will mean consequences, and fortunately, this show does not go that way. All the feelings of isolation, boredom and hopelessness are succinctly explored. Hansen keeps the laughs coming as her character confronts many challenges and even fears of how to deal. Just what she does deliver is a powerful and positive message when seeing this show during the daylight hours. This performer is also very brilliant in emoting all these emotions without a word. There are moments where she is channeling Buster Keaton in her pantomime.

This show is very enjoyable because I laughed and I cried. For me, it was the perfect last show to top off covering the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival. For others, the feelings I shared may well be the same too.

4½ Stars out of 5


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