(Updating) Victoria Fringe Festival 2017 Review Recap!

Victoria Fringe Festival 2017 Banner

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The 31st Annual Victoria Fringe Festival is upon us and reached the mid-way point. New shows are coming and they will be previewed tonight at the Metro Studio 10pm.

In what I saw over the past couple of days, I’m offering an index of the reviews to which I have published on Otaku’s sister blog, Two Hungry Blokes, instead of copying the content over. If any of them sound interesting, most of these shows are touring and will soon hit a local Fringe Theatre Festival near you. Please check your local arts bulletin for the nearest city and dates.

After this island town event, these acts will be at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, running from September 7 to 17th. Happening at the same time is the San Francisco Fringe to which some of these acts may head.

Victoria Fringe Festival Kicks Off With Haunting Delights
(reviews Fake Ghost Tours and Jukebox Drive)

Spending a Night at the Roxy
(reviews Mr. Flubbers Undead Legions and Spec)

You’re Either Chasing Rainbows or Going to War
(reviews ‘Tween Earth & Sky and War: Improv is Hell)

Atomic Vauldeville Tops Sunday Night
(reviews AMAZE, FUNNNER Destroys Shakespeare and Sunday Funday, – with video)

Getting Literary with Charles Dickens and Shakespeare Proper
(reviews Olive Copperbottom and LEER)

It’s worth getting Tipsy over at Drowsy Chaperone at SMUS
(reviews Drowsy Chaperone and talks about why supporting locals arts programs is important)

From Psyops to Comedy to Cabaret at the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Wood Hall
(reviews AWOKE and Get Me the F**K out of Edmonton & Other Ramblings from a Fringe Has-been)


Author: Ed Sum

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