Space Battleship Yamato Movie Marathon Begins This Morning!

Daikaiju TV will begin an 18-hour Space Battleship Yamato movie marathon this morning (starting 7:00am ET), May 28th!

Yamato 2199.jpgDuring the Memorial Day long weekend in the USA, Daikaiju TV has something for anime fans. This streaming network will begin an 18-hour Space Battleship Yamato movie marathon this morning (starting 7:00am ET). It’ll feature nearly every film available! From Space Battleship Yamato (1977) to Odyssey of the Celestial Ark (2014), that’s going to be a lot for fans to enjoy! 

The latter and A Voyage to Remember (2014) make up part of the reboot universe, and are compilations of the TV series Space Battleship Yamato 2199.

The crew of the Yamato represent more than the human spirit, and this weekend in America should not just be about one nation. To honour that will be tough for some, but for others, to know that humanity can stand united makes for a stronger message. 

And for those who can’t start this Yamato movie marathon this morning, fret not. It will repeat throughout Sunday, with Sunday Night at the Movies starting at a special time. On Monday will be a return to what this streaming network specialises in, a monster marathon feaaturing Godzilla and Gamera’s best films as they save Japan from destruction.

The feed can be found at

Yamato 2202 Website Updated with Conceptual Art

Yamato2202By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

Things have been stirring over at the Space Battleship Yamato 2202 ~ Soldiers of Love (宇宙戦艦ヤマト2202) official website. Since it’s debut approximately two months ago, there has been a slight update. Manga artist Makoto Kobayashi, best known for his manga series “What’s Michael?”, has been named as Assistant Director for the sequel series to Yamato 2199. Junichiro Tamamori (Yamato 2199) and Taui Ishizu are on board as mecha designers. Conceptual art from all three is available to be viewed on the website.
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North America To Get Their Own Yamato Movie

starblazersSkydance Productions has hired Jack Reacher screenwriter/director Christopher McQuarrie to direct and write the live-action adaptation of Star Blazers, the North American name to a Japanese Animated TV series known as Space Battleship Yamato

The series follows a crew of survivors from Earth whose planet’s atmosphere was radiated in an attack by an alien race from the distant planet of Gamilon. Using alien technology that was transmitted to the survivors of Earth, The Argo, an old sunken Japanese battleship, was resurrected. With scientists estimating the human race has just a year before the radiation from the surface will seep underground to kill the last vestiges of humanity, a bold crew of volunteers makes a desperate attempt to make a final voyage to outer space in the hope of saving planet Earth.

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When Space Battleship Yamato Becomes Live Action

Long time viewers of SF may want to say Yamato set the bar for future science-fiction products to come.

Space Battleship Yamato Live ActionLong time fans of the animated television series Space Battleship Yamato will be familiar with both versions, the english dub (Star Blazers) and the Japanese original. When seen side-by-side, the differences can be found. And the script revisions helped make this saga successful for Western audiences. The films that followed afterwards began as a compressed versions of the series until Yamato: New Voyage (1979) was made.

As a space opera, the drama between various characters made this series a compelling watch. To see them lose loved ones to war and face insurmountable challenges made for a very different type of 70’s cartoon. A few sacrifices were even made along the way for those who have seen the original Japanese version. Not many animations from that decade had internal monologues to tell viewers what each character was thinking of. Even the next imported saga, which was dubbed Robotech, took a few cues from this series. Without the seminal flagship, Macross wouldn’t have been what it is today. Even Irresponsible Captain Tylor takes on a few passing characteristics when it concerns two sake guzzling physicians who have a pet cat (by the second series).

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