What is Hiding in “Asylum of Darkness?” A Movie Review

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Arriving on VOD April 11th.

Does being insane allow one to see the world in a totally new light? Only Jay Woelfel’s horror flick Asylum of Darkness can tell, and oh boy, can he tell! Although the soap opera effects budget and narrative seem distracting, perhaps that was this director’s intention. He’s made a very melodramatic and vaguely supernatural film. With Richard Hatch (in one of his final film appearances) enjoying himself in the role of a doctor (psychologist) trying to calm Dwight Stroud (Nick Baldasare) down, the chuckles are well-earned. This product has a feel of Creepshow meets Dark Shadows.

From inside a padded room, a very beleaguered Stroud narrates, still unaware of all that he’s going to experience in the next few days. Insanity offers foresight into the terrors to come, and this film recalls the style of David Lynch. Not only does this narrative keeps the viewer and Stroud off-kilter but also requires the audience to fully pay attention to the story to realize what is going on in this crazy person’s life.

The tale he tells suggests the world is filled with secret agendas and monstrous beasts in disguise (as humans). The question of who Dwight Stroud truly is gets asked. Is he simply nuts, a serial killer, or someone else? This film moves Donnie Darko style and injects a good measure of Twilight Zone uncertainty into it. There’s a painter Dwight knows whose works “come to life.”

The problem with indie films these days is that it is hard to get noticed by the masses. On the Internet Movie Database, two entries suggest this movie was most likely made in 2012 than recently. In light of Hatch’s death early this year, perhaps acknowledgement for this film can come for those curious in seeing what Hatch has done the past few years after the short, Prelude to Axanar, was made. He’s been very supportive of the indie film-making scene by appearing in them, and this movie is no exception.

3½ Stars out of 5

The World of Science Fiction According to Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch is more than just an actor these days. When attending pop culture conventions around the world, he doesn’t just want to spend time there; He likes to explore the city or town too!

Richard Hatch will be appearing at Island Fantasy Convention (Oct 31 – Nov 1) in Victoria, BC, Canada. Fans can get to meet this icon and hear about what he’s doing now. VIP Ticket holders can attend a special actor’s workshop he will be teaching Sunday morning.


Richard Hatch is more than just an actor these days. In addition, he’s a writer, director, producer, and humanitarian. When traveling to pop culture conventions, he sees it as an opportunity to explore the city. He likes to check out the local high schools, colleges and universities and sometimes a special program may manifest. Usually these pay-for workshops impart to a new generation his experiences. These self-improvement and acting classes he offers are just one of the many things he now does. And what people can leave with is in knowing the future is bright and there’s no need to wear shades.

“I’m interested in helping humanity to grow, to heal and be forgiving,” said Hatch. “I like appearing in projects that will touch people’s hearts, open their minds and help them move beyond their bias and prejudices.”

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Galacticon 4 in Seattle!

Galacticon4By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

It’s been officially announced that Galacticon 4 will land in the beautiful northwest city of Seattle for the dates July 31 – August 2, 2015!

The venue of choice is the Seattle Center and it seems appropriate enough. The Seattle Center was at one time host to the 1964 World’s Fair. Venues included in the center although not limited to are the Space Needle, EMP Museum and the Pacific Science Center.

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