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The Deer King Strides Into Theatrical Release Beginning Today!

15 Jul

The Deer KingGKIDS
Limited Screenings Beginning July 15

The Deer King is more than an adventure set in the wild west. The politics that get involved here are complex, and the plot concerns how one secretive order seeks to restore the delicate balance between man and the natural world. In what’s presented, the wolves and deer we find in this film serve a mysterious master, and as the title implies, the latter are everywhere! They are not supposed to be a resource for people to exploit. Instead, they’re a symbol for protection.

Technically, this anime by Production IG is more of a fantasy. The Empire of Zol and the people from Aquafa are at odds; their war abruptly ended when a plague struck the land and devastated one nation. As a result, the other faction feared catching it. The accord forged is shaky, and this tale looks at the state of affairs when Zol dares to resume the fight.

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Who is The Girl From the Other Side, and Should We Be Scared?

12 May

The Girl From the Other Side, Siuil, a Run Volume One CoverPlaying at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival at the Aratani Theatre @ JACCC May 13, 2022 7:00 pm (BUY TICKETS) and coming to Fantasia 2022

The Girl from the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún (とつくにの少女) is a tale that deals with several themes. One is about a battle between man versus himself. Another is concerning redemption. There’s a curse affecting nearly everyone and a blight destroying a kingdom.

Anyone infected turns into a shadow of their former selves and when a lone individual (later named Teacher) finds a young girl (named Shiva) abandoned in the woods, he can’t leave her alone. Strangely, she doesn’t succumb to the darkness as others have. This tale takes on a tone which deserves more films to fully explore, explain and resolve–or I can read the finished manga.

My preferences is with the former since the artistic design is rapturous and Rie Takahashi, the voice of the young child is so cute! Even if I was to look at the printed version, I’ll have her voice stuck in my head.

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Just One Day at A Time with Miss Hokusai, A Movie Review

28 Mar


By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Exotic beauty and supernatural magic grace Production IG’s animated biopic, Miss Hokusai. Based on the manga of the same name by Hinako Sugiura, this film follows the narrative style and simply offers moments of this artist’s life in Edo-period Japan.

With it now on video, I can start studying it more in-depth. My only disappointment is that the home release does not come with a lot of bonus material. A feature-length documentary about the making of this film is provided. I was craving more, especially when this anime explores an important time in Japan’s art history.

This look into the life of O-Ei (Anne Watanabe), daughter of revered painter Hokusai (Yutaka Matsushige), is very gentle and bittersweet. The plot looks at much of her life from her perspective as she shows how fiercely independent she is. Though she works as an assistant in her father’s studio, she often finishes what he can not finish when he’s being drunk (which is rare) or acting irresponsibly.

For artists wanting to look at why these Ukiyo-e works are majestic, I particularly liked the dialogue (I saw the subtitled version) explaining how the brush can invoke portals to other worlds. You have to be careful when painting a work featuring demons. At least with one work O-Ei made, real spirits came to haunt the residence. No title is offered for this work, but according to the soundtrack, it’s simply known as “The Cursed Picture of Hell.” When the work is retrieved, her father observed that because Hope was not offered, that’s why they visited. A simple detail was added and the evil left. However, there’s more to life in Edo period Japan because the Shinto life is not everywhere.

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Teaser Trailer for Cyborg 009 Film Trilogy Revealed by Toho Animation

18 Jul

Cyborg009By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

It’s proven you can’t keep a good cyborg down. And the point will be made with not one but three 3D CG films based on the classic manga Cyborg 009 by Shotaro Ishinomori. Toho Animation unveiled a website Tuesday for Cyborg 009: Call of Justice. Each film from the trilogy will receive a two week limited run in Japan, Part 1 will start November 25, 2016.

The story will follow Joe Shimamura and the members of the Cyborg team after the establishment of the UN Guardian troops. Although living peaceful lives they are called out of retirement after being met by reporter Lucy Davenport. Davenport is aware of a race of highly intelligent beings with superhuman powers called the “Blessed.” Besides Davenport and a handful of people, the human population has no idea that the “Blessed” exist nor that they have been manipulating human history since ancient times. And now with the return of the “Blessed”, their goals remain unknown as their long dark shadows are cast over the earth.

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Wind up Geek’s Cool Japan: Akihabara Tech Nerds & the Psycho-Pass Dominator

8 Feb

By James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

PsychoPass2Have you ever watched Production I.G‘s hit anime series Psycho-Pass and wanted to own a Dominator? How easy would it be to analyze your friends’ crime coefficient level whenever they get too close to your anime collection? In March 2016, Cerevo, Inc. can’t help you with that, but they can give you something cool to add to your collection. Cerevo, an Internet connected consumer electronics developer and creator located in the Akihabara district, is releasing a replica of the Dominator. They are calling this their first smart toy. Advanced orders were taken by the company at Japan’s Wonder Festival. The Dominator is slated for a March, 2016 release after the original release of winter, 2015 was scrapped. Consumers who ordered the Dominator at Wonder Festival will be lucky enough to receive the smart toy before it hits store shelves.

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