The Cosmic Threat is Real in Starkeepers MMORPG

“Starkeepers is a true passion project from an experienced team of MMORPG developers and fans,” says Stephen Wang, Co-Founder and CEO, Wolfpack Games.

Starkeepers Title Card

Starkeepers, the experimental community-driven MMORPG inspired by astrological myths coming to PC via Steam, made its world premiere at the IGN Summer of Gaming Expo 2022.

Wolfpack Games is an indie developer with a veteran team that includes the Head Producer for the Lord of the Rings MMO project (Leyou Technologies). Past team experience also includes development work on Warframe, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Transformers: Cybertron Adventures, and Age of Conan – a classic MMO hit, adding a “stellar” twist to a cherished genre employing decades of combined action adventure and MMO experience.

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Magic: Legends Goes into Open Beta Next Week!

Magic: Legends PosterMagic: Legends is nearly ready to cast a spell on you, and WotC knows licensing out this game to Arc Game is theirs. This developer has a Diablo-like RPG is ready to go into open beta for PC users–launching next week March 23rd–and hopefully by the end of the year or early next, be available on the PS4 and Xbox consoles.

The videos for this game look exciting! The only downside is that this world is not MMO. Instead, it’ll be limited to whoever has a mouse and keyboard on hand. Star City Games wrote, “The game takes place after the Great Mending of Dominaria but before the Hour of Devastation on Amonkhet. Magic: Legends is focused on co-op RPG play but also offers a 1v1 PvP experience as well.”

This card game’s real time fantasy adventuring makeover is good, and is in par to how fantasy magic should be realistically done. Mages have to learn from a book (or a crib sheet of cards) of spells to summon creatures and cause damage at will. It doesn’t matter about how many times the magiks can be done in the day, but the fact players are running around in different worlds, embarking on quests is at the core of many a medieval style fantasy.  

Gameplay Trailer


At the end of these adventures are opportunities to expand the repertoire of spells. Some of them are for all player character classes. Others will be unique. The only shame with this franchise is these games not operating in a shared environment. It’d be tough to do to validate ownership digital cards from Magic Arena, MtG Go and past products. The physical card game should remain as is, unless future releases start to offer one time redemption barcodes to allow for integration elsewhere.

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JumpStart’s School of Dragons Needs a Better Cirriculum

In terms of continuity, some astute pupils may wonder why Hiccup is not the Headmaster in School of Dragons.

Welcome to the School of DragonsDespite the fact that the Summer is not yet over, fans of Dreamworks Animation‘s How to Train Your Dragon will soon be going to school. JumpStart launched an online educational product, School of Dragons, that will get young fans excited for science, botany and perhaps a whole lot more—namely Dragon Flight school.

This MMORPG went live in June for beta-testing. As new players come in to check this game out, they will soon find out that there is a membership fee (starting at $9.95 USD per month) to access the game’s higher functions like customizing their avatar or earning free coins.

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