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Prepare yourself for LEGO Star Wars Droid Tales, A Review

11 Jul

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

LSW-DT_SWC-600x834Some fans of a peculiar galaxy far, far away love LEGO, and it’s about time a new animation is made. The Yoda Chronicles was short lived and The New Yoda Chronicles (retitled due to rights ownership) just did not have the same quality that the previous season had. LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales is suffering from a similar fate. Ever since Disney acquired the rights, the consistency of this spinoff world has not been perfect.

When the directors and executive producers have changed between products, perhaps that’s the cause. The only person involved in all these shorts is Lucasfilm writer Michael Price. His plotting is quite good. Somehow, as more products have been made, the execution has not matched what was presented in The Padawan Menace. The way young Anakin is characterized in the premiere is familiar. He’s a touch annoying in the films but the fact he almost becomes Darth Vader is toyed with much like how Lloyd Garmadon in Ninjago wants to be evil.

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