The Spotlight on The Colour of Ink is Sweetly Meditative

Overall, viewers will get quite the education by looking at The Colour of Ink.

The Colour of Ink Documentary PosterPlaying at the Victoria Film Festival on Feb 4 (1pm) and 7 (9pm)
And coming to Summer 2023

Brian D. Johnson’s The Colour of Ink is a beautiful documentary to behold on the silver screen. Not only does it vividly render the pigmented products made by Jason Logan for us to behold, but also, we see Nicholas De Pencier‘s camerawork provide some beautiful juxtapositions. But there’s more to this work than meets the eye, pardoning the pun. To understand what ink is requires knowing its history with artistic expression. Whether it’s applied in aboriginal art, calligraphy, or tattooing, the creators often want that hue to stand out.

When it comes to inking comic books or digital products, sometimes the advances in technology overshadow what’s loved with the traditional process–those liquid textures or shapes formed by a brush are much more organic and alive! To let it bleed through and act according to its own fractual language is the message Johnson I believe wants to get across.

To hear what others think of Jason’s product is very insightful. After being raised by the sights and sounds that make up the natural beauty of Gambier Island, he became an artist himself. But to bring that essence to the canvas meant creating his own paints. These days, he lives in the big city, working as a graphic designer for big clients like The New Yorker, and managing the Toronto Ink Company, where he creates specialty inks in small batches for clients all over the world!

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In 2022, Capital City Comic Con is Still Hot as Summer Winds Down

The panels at Capital City Comic Con 2022 are great for newcomers, and yes, I even presented my best of upcoming movies.

Capital City Comic Con 2022

Capital City Comic Con 2022 brought nearly every aspect of pop culture to the Convention Centre as Autumn began. Although I noticed two clubs weren’t in attendence, that’s okay because I knew what was going on (more on this later). And as for what locals can look forward to next, there’s the Ultimate Toy & Hobby Show on Oct 1st and 2nd at the Pearkes Recreation Centre!

This city had Rifflandia and Esquimalt Ribfest the previous weekends and its easy to express an opinion that locals are experiencing fatique. Brewery & the Beast occurred the same time as Cap City; it can be tough to decide on which event is worth being at since the Sun was out. The foodie in me knows the latter will return at the same time, but for the comic book and pop culture festival, it’s not likely be a regular September fixture. The organisers don’t have a date for 2023 but Candice Woodward said, “Please follow at our social media channels for updates.” She’s co-owner/operator of Cherry Bomb Toys, one of three organisations responsible for this fandom celebration.

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Korra: The Art of the Animated Series Gets More Than a Second Wind…

As for what this book offers is additional artwork. There’s twelve chapters, and while the first half is familiar content, it’s the last sections I enjoyed flipping through the most. “Skeletons in the Closet” has information about the darker aspects of this universe. We learn about blood bending and even more production design pages to admire.

KorraBy Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Dark Horse Comics
Available March 10th, 2021

Click here to order on Amazon USA

The difference between the previous release of The Legend of Korra: The Art of the Animated Series–Book One: Air and the new is that it’s almost double the size. This book is enormous! Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have a lot to say, and this edition could not be any more timely with the big news about Nickelodeon’s Avatar Studios opening shop to expand the universe!

Anyone wanting to read about the production process for making Korra is in for a treat. These two creators cover a lot of ground in short expositions instead of a lengthy essay. There’s plenty more they can say, and anyone needing to catch up can also purchase the revised edition of The Last Airbender. Preview pages can be found on Dark Horse Comics’ website.

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A Chat with Ren & Stimpy’s Bob Camp

Bob Camp is best known for Ren & Stimpy. As a character designer and storyboard artist, he is one of many people who contributed to both series success.

Bob Camp and Ed Sum at ECCC
Bob Camp and Ed Sum at ECCC

Bob Camp is best known for his work with Ren & Stimpy and not everyone may see how similar this 90s show is to SpongeBob SquarePants. As a character designer and storyboard artist, he is one of many people who contributed to both series success. He enjoys being involved with the production in every step–the writing, coming up with the ideas, and developing the characters. He said, “The thing I enjoyed a lot was directing. I got to work with many greats like Billy West, June Lockhart, Dom DeLuise and Frank Gorshin (original Riddler from the 60s Batman).”

To have work that’s unaltered, unfiltered and uncensored is tough. It was hilarious to learn that the team put in tons of red herrings in the ‘toon knowing much of it will get cut. In what got past, the material that got through surprised them.

I spoke to him at length not only at Emerald City Comic Con but also Capital City Comic Con earlier this year. He loves attending these shows throughout the year. You’d think the studio keeps him busy year-round but apparently not! While storyboarding is part of the animation process, just when he is required depends on if he’s needed constantly in the production chain. Plus, I forgot to ask him in that first meeting to find out about Thundercats which is getting reworked (and rescheduled) for a 2020 release. The character designs are a far cry from what he knows.

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