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Leo Ieiri’s 4th Album “We” Hits Retail Shelves Today!

5 Jul

LeoIeiriPetsBy James Robert Shaw (The Wind up Geek)

The 4th full-length album of J-pop artist Leo Ieiri, “We,” hits retail shelves in Japan today and it has the song “Brand New Tomorrow” — the Japanese theme to Illumination Entertainment’s upcomng animated movie The Secret Life of Pets. The movie will open August 11th in Japan.

The film is about a terrier named Max who enjoys his freedom while his owner is away from home. But this dog’s life is turned upside down when said owner takes in Duke, a stray mutt who manages to stir up Max’s cozy lifestyle.

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One Little, Two Brave or Three ‘Stewart’ Minions, A Review

10 Jul

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


The world of Earth is still without heroes in Minions. Just where they are to defeat the bad guys does not need to be asked, and nor are they required when these funny yellow critters (all of them voiced by Pierre Coffin) finally get their own movie. After tiny appearances of their hijinks in the Despicable Me movies, the producers from Illumination Entertainment thankfully took five years to get a product out to feature them as bumbling heroes whereas DreamWork’s The Penguins of Madagascar, their rivals, took ten.

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Mass Marketing Minion-Mania is with Kinder Surprise!

3 Jul

despicable_me_2_minions-wideBy Ed Sum (The Minion Addict)

Unless you have been living under a rock or cave, the Minions are invading the planet! That is, from grocery to big box stores, there are more than toy products. While I was out shopping this past month, I saw General Mills Minions cereal, licensed boxers from Despicable Me 2 and Chinese knock-offs at the gift shop in Chinatown. These adorable yellow puff n’ stuffs might also be set to invade the television screen too. Well, if a series is in development, Illumination Entertainment is not telling but I will not be surprised. These single-celled organisms have one simple goal: serve someone evil and show they are not inept. There’s no better strategy than to appear anywhere so they tell everyone they are willing to help!

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The Minions are doing a Mad Shuffle. Movie pushed back.

20 Sep

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)


Fans of Despicable Me will have to wait one year longer for the Minions to invoke their madness upon the silver screen. Illumination Entertainment and parent company Universal announced today that this film will be released July 10, 2015. It was previously slated for Dec 19, 2014, and the reasons why are undisclosed.

Maybe some breathing room is required? After all, there are hundreds of minions to deal with and the story will have to be restricted to just a sampling of the stand-outs of this genetic crowd for some good stand-up comedy.

At least the minions are not alone in all this shuffling that’s going on. PIXAR’s Good Dinosaur movie also got the one year bump. And fans of animation will just have to wait for a busy 2015 season to get their fix. In the meantime, fans can get their fix on Youtube with a variety of shorts made over the years, like this fun Football one.