It’s Time For Sing to Sing 2 a New Beat

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Had Garth Jennings’s animate hit series Sing been a CGI animated series, I’m sure there’d be more Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) stories to tell. The sequel wastes no time in seeing this motley crew of talents get their act together and put on a show.

This leader of the gang has his theatre rebuilt and while local critics are raving about his latest show, someone else doesn’t think so. He has to convince Jimmy (Bobby Cannavale), a wolf who runs Crystal Entertainment, that his troupe has what it takes to make it to the big leagues. He also has to pull someone else out of “retirement.” I love the fact Clay Calloway (perfectly voiced by Bono) is a play on Cab Calloway, a jazz entertainer whom The Blues Brothers gave new life to.

This team’s life is a highway and to succeed really means living’ on a prayer. Musical pun references aside, the challenge in keeping viewers invested is in being able to get this film out fast enough so fans can remember what happened last time. This film was ready for a late 2020 release and sadly, nearly every movie got pushed back one or two years. The pandemic is to blame here.

The new covers of past hit songs are good, and the continuation is welcomed. But for those who missed the theatrical run due to the world shutting down, they can be thankful for the recent home video release. I had to watch both works back to back to remember why this gang of anthropomorphic talents matter. It’s their camaraderie that I adore rather than just the song covers. If this franchise ever makes it to televised series, I’d be interested in following!

And for those who enjoy watching the bonus features included with these home video releases, there’s two additional shorts to enjoy–For Gunter’s Eyes Only features Gunter (Nick Kroll) in a spoof on spy films , and Animal Attraction shows Darius (Eric Andre) isn’t all that excited at the job at hand. His mind is elsewhere.

These pieces add little development to these characters, but for those wanting a good laugh, it’s material to chuckle along to. In some ways, this movie is like The Muppet Show. The two share a few similarities such that this koala is sometimes like Kermit the Frog, and fails in trying to manage everything. In both shows, chaos will always sneak into the best laid plans.

As for this team’s future, could this world’s Broadway be next? There’s definitely more story to tell, and I sincerely hope that means getting Andrew Lloyd Webber on board! We need true musical numbers than just covers of familiar pop hits of the past century.

3 Stars out of 5

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Author: Ed Sum

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