Earth, Wind & Fire Founder & Gatchaman Music Producer, Maurice White, Dies

White’s work in Earth, Wind & Fire will be honoured posthumously at the Grammy Awards where the band will be given a Lifetime Achievement Award during the Ceremony’s February 15th broadcast.

Maurice White Concert Footage
Bruce W. Talamon, ©1980

ARRMaurice White — the founder of soul group Earth, Wind & Fire (EWF) and music producer for the three-part 1994 Gatchaman OVA series — has died. White’s brother Verdine posted earlier today on EWF’s official Facebook:

“My brother, hero and best friend Maurice White passed away peacefully last night in his sleep. While the world has lost another great musician and legend, our family asks that our privacy is respected as we start what will be a very difficult and life changing transition in our lives. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.”

White died in his sleep in Los Angeles, California on Thursday morning and he was 74. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1992 but his condition got worse over the last year

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How Fast Can You Go with Gatchaman Cycling Wear

To promote the upcoming release of the live action Gatchaman film in Japan, J Sports has produced Gatchaman cycling apparel in the form of cycling jerseys and bib pants. There are two jerseys available. The first jersey has a frontal design to resemble the bird suit worn by Ken while the back will have pictures of the Science Ninja Team. The 2nd jersey is the Science Ninja Team design which will be covered in a wide variety of Gatchman names and logos.

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Gatchaman Full Length Trailer!

GatchamanIt’s here! And for many fans who have waited months to see a full length trailer, the time is now. And I must say what one sees looks very good. Could this film be the blockbuster hit of the summer for Japan? Will we see this film given a limited release in North America? One can only hope.

The movie stars Tori Matsuzaka (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger) as Ken the Eagle, Go Ayano (Kamen Rider 555, Rurouni Kenshin) as Joe the Condor, Ayame Goriki (Mirai Nikki, Black Butler) as Jun the Swan, Tatsuomi Hamada (Ultraman Zero, Gokaiger Vs. Gavan) as Jinpei the Swallow and Ryohei Suzuki as Ryohei Suzuki (Mei-chan’s Butler) as Ryo the Owl.

Gatchaman hits Japanese theatres August 24th.

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